$100,000 worth Powerball Ticket Sold In Pike County

$100,000 worth Powerball Ticket Sold In Pike County

The Powerball Lottery is here with the wonderful news of a huge $100,000 prize-winning ticket sold in Pike County. The lottery officials have revealed that the particular ticket has managed to win a $100,000 prize money for a lucky player from Pike County.

According to the lottery officials, the win was doubled because of a Power Play option that the winner had added to the ticket while purchasing it.

The Powerball Lottery team has confirmed that the particular Powerball ticket purchased was for the draw held back on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

The lucky numbers drawn from the particular draw were 61-33-13-45-30. On top of that, the red Powerball number was 14 and as the ticket matched four out of 5 numbers, it managed to win $100,000.

Initially, the Powerball ticket won $50,000 from the draw held on April 14, 2021. However, as the ticket had a Power Play option added to it, the ticket holder has managed to win $100,000. According to the officials, the ticket had a 2X multiplier option added to it, which is why it won $100,000.

If the multiplier were to be 3X or more, then the prize money would have been multiplied with the particular multiplier.

The Powerball Lottery officials have confirmed that the $100,000 prize-winning Powerball ticket has been sold from Mirabito Convenience Store. The particular store that sold the $100,000 prize-winning Powerball ticket is located at 665 Route 739, Hawley.

As per the lottery officials, the particular Mirabito Convenience Store is also eligible for receiving a $500 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

The Powerball Lottery at Hawley is backed by the Pennsylvania Lottery, which is backed by the state of Pennsylvania. It is a general understanding that the winners of the PA Lottery prizes are validated once the draw has taken place and the results are out.

Once the results are out, the winners have a time period of a year to visit the PA Lottery office and claim their prize money.

Before physically appearing at the PA Lottery’s office, the winner with prize monies equivalent to $50,000 or higher is required to call the PA Lottery’s helpline number.

The winners need to do this so the lottery officials can make the necessary arrangements for the winners to be welcomed. The lottery officials need the time to also arrange the money that the players are to show up and claim.

The lottery team has confirmed that apart from the $100,000 prize-winning ticket, more than 18,400 players have also won different prizes from the same lottery draw.

The officials have also revealed that more than 6,000 Powerball tickets for the April 14 draw had the Power Play option added to them.