$28 Million Florida Lotto Winner Still Remains a Mystery

$28 Million Florida Lotto Winner Still Remains a Mystery

News travel fast, especially when one is talking about $28 Million, however looks like the winner is still unaware.

$28 million were won by a mysterious person through a quick-pick ticket in Florida who has still not come forward to claim it. Even the Florida Lottery is unaware of the whereabouts of the sole quick-pick ticket winner.

If anyone happens to have a quick-pick ticket sitting around or in the wallet you may want to take a look. You might be that lucky winner who is oblivious to their win.


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The Mystery millionaire had bought the ticket from Broward, South Florida. The $28 million jackpot ticket was sold at Shell Gas station at Griffin Road and 441 in Davie.

While the winner hasn’t come forward, the manager of the store where the winning ticket was sold did give his interview. When he was asked about his commission, he responded that he wasn’t aware.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether the winner is found or not, the store will get its share of bonus or commission.

The store garnered quite footfall with people coming into the store to pick up a few lotto tickets to try their luck.

The winner has not come forward but sure they will have plenty of dreams with respect to this windfall.

Sometimes players just forget about their lottery tickets resulting in the winning tickets expiring. After 2020, lottery money could really help a lot of people.

Everyone is hurting from the Pandemic so if someone is fortunate to come into that kind of windfall they might end up helping others.

This was a 27 March drawing that has still not been claimed by its rightful owner. If you do have a ticket at home then you might want to check those winning Florida lotto numbers which are 9-17-25-29-52-53.

This is not all, the Florida Lottery revealed that the store would be getting a $100,000 bonus commission just for selling that winning ticket. The owner of the store will surely be wanting that lucky winner to come forward for that $100,000.

The Florida Lottery has a number of other fun lottery games to offer top with players having a wide range of prize levels. Since its inception, the state lottery has been adding to its pool of games so as to offer player with wider choice.

It is a government-run entity with the purpose of improving public education in Florida. The lottery was reported to have donated $1.31 billion in 2012 to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund. Through its earning, the lottery also assists the construction of new schools and the development of educational facilities and infrastructure.

There are many players who just participate in these lottery games just to promote this cause of education. While earnings from the lottery go into this cause, there are some who even end up donating their entire winnings for the cause.


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