A $1.4 Million Prize-Winning Cash 5 Ticket Sold in Allegheny County

A $1.4 Million Prize-Winning Cash 5 Ticket Sold in Allegheny County

The Pennsylvania Lottery is back again to make a huge announcement of a ticket sold in Allegheny County. As reported by the PA Lottery, the particular ticket sold in Allegheny County has won huge prize money.

According to the officials from the PA Lottery, the ticket belongs to one of the most prominent games powered by the operator. The name of the particular game is “Cash 5” and the lucky ticket is a winner of a prize worth $1.4 million.

As confirmed by the PA Lottery officials, the ticket sold for the Cash 5 lottery games was for the draw held on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

The lucky numbers that the officials drew for Saturday’s draw were 38-34-32-28-17. The ticket holder has apparently matched all 5 lucky numbers on the ticket, naming $1.4 million prize money to his/her name.

The PA Lottery team has also revealed the name and address of the store that sold the $1.4 million prize-winning Cash 5 ticket. The name of the particular store is Brew-Thru Beer Distributor. The particular distributor is located at 264 Yost Boulevard, Pittsburgh.

The store has reportedly won a $10,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky $1.4 million prize-winning ticket.

As the draw took place on the 10th and the players were validated, the PA Lottery has initiated its search to find the top prize winners. The $1.4 million prize-winning tickets sold in Allegheny County are one of them.

The PA Lottery wants to give out the top prizes as well as the small-tiered prizes to the players within a year’s time from the draw date. If the players do not claim their prize money then the prize would expire and will be sent over for charitable causes.

As part of the procedure, the winners of the Cash 5 lottery game prizes are required to sign the back of the ticket. If the prize money is one of the top prizes or jackpots, then the players are to contact PA Lottery’s exclusive helpline. The users can contact the PA lottery’s exclusive helpline at 1-800-692-7481 to get further details for the prize claiming process.

Apart from the $1.4 million prize-winning tickets, there are 34,600 more tickets that have won prizes for different amounts. This is one of many lottery draws held by the PA Lottery that has helped thousands of players win huge prizes.

The PA Lottery is one of the top state-backed lottery operators in the United States that has been around since 1972. Ever since its launch, the PA Lottery has helped millions of people win prizes and has changed their lives forever.

Furthermore, the PA Lottery has also contributed to several charitable causes and has helped millions of citizens of the state.