A $10,000 Prize Won by Maryland Man from Six Figures Game

A $10,000 Prize Won by Maryland Man from Six Figures Game

The Delaware Lottery is back with an interesting story of an old man who ended up winning a decent prize. The 60-year-old player, George Annis, was lucky enough to win a prize from the Six Figures Instant Game. The player ended up winning the prize from the single ticket he purchased from Delaware.

The DE Lottery has revealed that George Annis is a resident of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. The player won the $10,000 prize from the Six Figures Instant game ticket that he had purchased from Food Lion Store. The Food Lion Store is located at 1206 in Selbyville.

The winner was extremely excited and thrilled when he visited the DE Lottery office to claim his $10,000 prize money.

Mr. Annis informed the lottery officials that he was shocked as well as happy to know that he had won a prize worth so much. The player informed that he has been playing lottery games for a very long time. He confirmed that it was back in 1980 when he first started playing lottery games.

Out of all the lottery games he plays, he finds Delaware Lottery the best as he feels that it is quite easy. Mr. Annis stated that out of all the games the DE Lottery has to offer, his most favorite games are the instant scratch-off ones.

The player told the lottery officials that he tends to travel to Maryland quite often and whenever he does, he is used to buying several tickets for the scratch-off game.

This time, however, he did not have enough money on him because he was short on cash but he did not want to leave the shop empty-handed. The player said that just like the rest of the world, the pandemic took a huge toll on his income and finances.

When the pandemic hit, he and his family had to manage most of their savings. This is the reason why they have ended up with very little savings. He said he is already 60 and soon, he is going to retire so things will become even more difficult for him.

However, the player said he never lost hope and has finally managed to have a head start for the year 2021. The player was delighted when he learned about the win, and the first person he contacted was his daughter.

His daughter has always been very supportive when his wife passed away and he wants to do something for her during these hard times.

George Annis had visited the head office of the Delaware Lottery to claim his prize on January 4, 2021. The director of the Delaware Lottery, Vernon Kirk also congratulated Mr. Annis on his lucky win and wished him the best of luck in the future.