A $150,000 Powerball Prize Winner from December Finally Shows Up

A $150,000 Powerball Prize Winner from December Finally Shows Up

Ever since the lottery games came into being in modern times, one thing has turned out as a common practice. That particular practice is that the winners turn up to claim their prize monies in a matter of a few days or within two weeks.

If a player does not show up within that much time, then it becomes unusual and the respective lottery operator starts searching for them. However, there is not much a lottery operator can do because they do not have many details on the players.

Most of the time, the closest piece of information they have around the winners is the location of the store where the winners purchase the ticket from. This is the reason why you would see lottery operators posting the address of the stores.

They do this hoping that someone may realize that either he or she or someone they know has a ticket that may win them a prize. Half the time, the strategy adopted by the lottery operators works and they end up finding the rightful winner.

However, if the winner still does not make any contact or communicate with the operators, then all the operator can do is wait it out and see if the winner establishes any communication with them.

Surprisingly, not many lottery operators adopt the strategy of reaching out to the lottery community with the mentioned maneuvers. However, the Virginia lottery is known for being the entity that does make all the efforts to get in touch with the winners.

This time, the Virginia lottery officials tried establishing contact with the winner of a Powerball lottery game. Virginia lottery had started posting information for the particular winner back in December when the draw for the particular game took place.

As the player never showed up, the officials went ahead with all the information hoping that the winner would make an appearance.

The Powerball lottery draws in question was the one that took place back on December 9, 2020. The primary numbers as well as the Red Powerball number were 48-47-31-14-11 & 4. The ticket had successfully matched four primary numbers alongside the Powerball number to win $150,000 prize money.

Initially, the prize money was $50,000 but the ticket had a Power Play option added, which meant that a multiplier was due on the ticket. The multiplier was also drawn by the operators on the December 9 draw, which 3X multiplier, therefore, the prize money tripled in size.

The officials have confirmed that the name of the prize winner is David McDaniel who is a resident of Chesapeake. The player had reportedly purchased his $150k prize-winning ticket from Harris Teeter, which is located at Kempsville Road, Chesapeake.