A $150,000 Prize Winning Ticket for Cash 5 Lottery Sold in Cambria County

A $150,000 Prize Winning Ticket for Cash 5 Lottery Sold in Cambria County

The Pennsylvania Lottery is back with a huge announcement surrounding a lucky player from Cambria County. The lottery officials have revealed that they are currently in the process of looking for the player who has won $150,000.

The lottery team has confirmed that the player won the $150,000 prize after playing the Cash 5 Lottery game. The game is powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery and is extremely popular in the entire state of PA. Every single draw held by the Cash 5 Lottery game is played with a lot of enthusiasm and determination by millions of players.

The Cash 5 Lottery game that helped the Cambria County player win $150,000 had its draw held back on Thursday, March 11, 2021. The draw was aired live on the television where the numbers were drawn were 35-23-19-15-11. From the numbers drawn, the player has managed to match all five lucky numbers and is the winner of the $150,000 prize.

The officials have confirmed the store that sold the Cash 5 Lottery ticket that brought in $150,000 prize money. The name of the particular store is Fefi’s Grocery and it is located at 459 Magee Avenue, Patton.

The officials have revealed that the store will also be receiving a bonus commission of $500 for selling the Cash 5 Lottery ticket in Cambria County for $150,000.

The PA Lottery has clarified that the winners from a game are identified only once the draw has taken place. That is when the lottery teams can validate the winners and get in touch with the winners to distribute the prizes.

However, there are several prizes that end up getting expired as no one shows up to claim them and providing proof of the win. This is the reason why the PA Lottery takes matters into its own hands and goes the extra mile of getting in touch with the winners.

The lottery officials have revealed on several occasions that their aim is to give away the prize money to the rightful winners before the prize money expires. The PA Lottery offers lottery winners an entire year from the draw date to turn up and claim their prize money.

Even then the players never show up and claim, which is rightfully theirs. As a result, many lottery players as well as potential players become concerned about the authenticity of the lottery operators.

Therefore, the lottery officials are always eager to get in touch with the winners so they can give their prizes and get to know their stories.

Although the lottery winner hasn’t turned up to claim his/her prize, still the PA Lottery officials have congratulated the winner on the huge win.