A $2 Million Powerball Ticket Sold in Philadelphia

A $2 Million Powerball Ticket Sold in Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Lottery is glad to announce the details of a ticket that will be making a millionaire out of a lottery player. It is yet to be known who the lucky winner is as the winner is yet to make an appearance and claim the prize.

As always, the lottery officials are eager to welcome the winner of the prize and want to meet the winner as soon as possible to know the winner’s story of win.

According to the Pennsylvania Lottery officials, the winners are the main inspiration that keeps the lottery games going. There are many speculations that question the authenticity of the lottery games and the players winning the lottery games are the key players in showing people that lottery games are indeed legitimate.

This is the reason why the lottery officials are always eager to meet the winners and share their winning stories with the rest of the lottery communities.

This time, the Pennsylvania Lottery is sharing the details of a ticket that has won a huge prize and the winner is still missing. The lottery officials have confirmed that the ticket winning the prize is for the Powerball Lottery game. As per information, the ticket that won the prize has been sold in Philadelphia and the winner is yet to claim the prize.

As for the draw, the draw for the particular ticket was held on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. The numbers that were drawn on February 17 were 15-21-01-46-32 and the Powerball that was drawn was 01.

The Pennsylvania Lottery officials have confirmed that the lottery ticket managed to match all 5 lucky numbers but missed out on the Powerball number.

As a result, the ticket ended up winning a huge prize of $1 million. However, as the ticket had $1 Power Play option added to it, the prize on the ticket was doubled and it ended up winning $2 million instead.

The lottery officials have also revealed the location of store where the ticket was purchased from. The store revealed that the name of the store is Fuwa Deli where the lucky ticket was sold from. The store is located at 3987 West Ford Road, Philadelphia.

The store will also be receiving a bonus commission of $10,000 for selling the lucky ticket.

Apart from the $2 million prize win, there were 18,500 more players who ended up winning prizes.

The lottery officials have clarified that the winners of the games are not validated until the draws have been held. Once validated, the players have a time period of a year to turn up and claim their prize-money.

Therefore, the lottery officials have requested all players to check their tickets and they may turn out to be the prize winners.