A $525,000 Winning Cash 5 Lottery Ticket Sold in Delaware County

A $525,000 Winning Cash 5 Lottery Ticket Sold in Delaware County

As per the latest news from the lottery world, the Pennsylvania Lottery has managed to make another player half-millionaire. The lottery officials are extremely thrilled at recent prize win but have revealed that the player is yet to make an appearance.

The executives at the Pennsylvania Lottery have confirmed that the lucky ticket belongs to the Cash 5 lottery game. The Cash 5 lottery is one of the most decent, highly-sold, and profitable lottery game that has been introduced by the PA Lottery.

As always, the draw for the Cash 5 lottery game was held last Thursday, on March, 2021. The numbers that were drawn by the host during the draw were 39-33-16-1-17. The officials have confirmed that the lucky ticket matched all five lucky numbers in order to bag the huge prize of $525,000

The responsible team at the Pennsylvania Lottery also revealed that the ticket was purchased at the Delaware County. Therefore, the officials are hoping that the winner appearing for the win would most likely be from this area.

The lucky store that sold the luckiest ticket for the March 4th draw was the 7-Eleven store. The particular store is located at 301 Easter Lancaster Avenue, Wayne.

For selling the lucky ticket, the store is also eligible for receiving a decent bonus commission to boost its morale. The store has reportedly received a bonus commission of $5,000 for selling the ticket that managed to win the jackpot.

According to the lottery claims team, the winner of the prize money has a time period of a year from draw-date to show up and claim the prize.

This is the right time to remind all the PA Lottery players that the winners of the prizes are validated only once the draw has taken place. Once the draw takes place, the players can show up and claim the prize in the next 100 days.

PA Lottery has been making all the efforts and using all the resources it can in order bring the winners of the prizes to the front page. There are many players playing the PA lottery who never double check their tickets. This is the reason why they never learn about the prizes and the prizes go to charities if they are unclaimed for more than a year.

This is the reason why the PA Lottery does whatever it can to get in touch with the players who despite of winning huge prizes are yet to make an appearance. The lottery officials want to bring in more exposure to the lottery platforms by offering different games and large ranged prizes for the players.

Apart from the jackpot prize winner of $525,000, the lottery officials have revealed that the total number of players who benefited from the lottery games.