A Cash 5 Lottery Ticket from Allegheny County has Won More Than $825,000

A Cash 5 Lottery Ticket from Allegheny County has Won More Than $825,000

The Pennsylvania Lottery is back with another announcement and another potential winner from Allegheny County. The lottery officials are glad to announce that they have helped another player become a rich person.

However, the lottery officials are eager for the winner of the price to get in touch with them to set up an appointment. The team is eager to meet the winner and get to know his story of the win and how long the player has been playing with the PA Lottery.

For the PA Lottery, the best part is when there is a winner and he/she shows up to claim the prize. The team is always keen to meet them and congratulate them personally and induct them into the list of their lottery winners.

This time, the PA Lottery has revealed that it is a lottery ticket from Allegheny County that has managed to win big. The lottery officials have revealed that the ticket was sold for the Cash 5 lottery game that is powered by the PA lottery.

Further details around the ticket reveal that the particular ticket was for the draw that was held on Saturday, February 20, 2021. The lucky numbers that were drawn from the particular draw were 43-39-34-24-08.

The officials have revealed that the ticket was lucky enough to match all five of the lucky numbers. As a result, the ticket ended up winning a huge prize of $825,298.50.

The lottery officials have also confirmed the name and address of the store where the lucky ticket was sold from. The ticket was sold from the CoGo’s store that is located at 510 Station Street, Bridgeville. The store has also managed to win a bonus commission for selling the prize-winning lottery ticket.

The PA Lottery team has revealed that the store will be receiving a bonus commission of $5,000 for selling the prize-winning ticket.

The PA Lottery has also announced that there were 38,700 more winners from the same draw that was held on February 20, 2021. The lottery team has requested all the players from the PA Lottery playing the Cash 5 game to check their tickets.

There are chances that one of the players would be the lucky winners of the $825,000+ prize.

The PA Lottery confirms that the winners of the prizes are confirmed once the draw has been held and the lucky numbers have been revealed. Once the draw has taken place, the winners of the prizes have a time period of a year to claim their wins.

If the wins are not claimed and the prize expires, the money is then sent over to charitable causes that the PA Lottery is already supporting.