A Cash 5 Lottery Ticket has made a Player $300,000 Richer

A Cash 5 Lottery Ticket has made a Player $300,000 Richer

The Pennsylvania Lottery is back an exciting announcement of a lucky ticket that will make a player $300,000 richer. So far, the lottery officials have only been able to identify the location of the area and the store where the lucky ticket has been sold. The player is yet to make an appearance in order to claim the prize so the lottery officials are hoping it would happen soon.

The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky ticket has been sold in Cumberland County. The ticket sold and purchased in the Cumberland County was for the Cash 5 Lottery game that is powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The Cash 5 Lottery ticket sold in Cumberland County was for the draw that was held on Friday, February 5, 2021. The numbers drawn from the particular draw were 22-26-29-32-35 with the set jackpot prize of $300,000.

The lucky ticket sold in the Cumberland County has managed to win all 5 lucky sets of numbers, winning the jackpot prize of $300,000.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the jackpot prize-winning ticket was sold from a 7-Eleven Store. The particular store is located at 3180 Market Street, Camp Hill. The store will be receiving a bonus incentive of $500 for selling the jackpot prize-winning ticket.

As always, the Pennsylvania Lottery officials remind their players that the winners are not validated until the draw is held. Once the draw has been held, the winners have a time period of 1 year to turn up and claim their prize money. If the players fail to show up and receive their prize money, it is sent over to charitable and noble causes that the lottery operators support.

The PA Lottery has confirmed that there are a total of 21,400 more players who ended up winning different prizes from the same game. There are still many small prizes that are waiting to be claimed by the winners so players are requested to check their tickets at the earliest.

If any player has a prize-winning ticket they wish to claim, they are required to call 1-800-692-7481 to set up an appointment. Once set, the winners can show up to collect their prize money and the right to keep their identities anonymous if they wish.

The PA Lottery has been practicing this maneuver to ensure that the winners of the lottery games always claim their prizes. There are several prizes that end up getting expired as no one ever shows up to claim them. This is mainly due to not having much interest in tickets once they have bought them. Most of the time, people end up misplacing their tickets or damaging them as they cannot keep them safe.