A Hatteras Student of Liberal Arts Wins $200,000 US Mega Bucks Lotto Prize

A Hatteras Student of Liberal Arts Wins $200,000 US Mega Bucks Lotto Prize

A student of Liberal Arts from Hatteras namely BurakDavrekanli had won US$ 200,000 from the North Carolina Education Lottery.

It was informed that the student had purchased the winning ticket for 5 dollars and won Mega Bucks’ major prize. It was told that the ticket was sold at Food Lion which was located in a supermarket in Avon.

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When Davrekanli was asked to share his story he told that he had actually bought two different tickets. Davrekanli stated that he went out to grab a few things for dinner but stopped by a store in the supermarket. He thought of buying a lottery ticket but ended up buying two.

On 18th November (Wednesday) Davrekanli visited the lotto’s office in Raleigh when he claimed his mega prize win. He informed that he had always believed that someday he would win a huge prize and the day had come for him.The amount he managed to bag out was US$ 141, 501.

He told that on that day he hadn’t thought of buying any ticket nor had he intended to visit Food Lion. But it seems that it was destiny which took him to the store, he said. When he returned home he scratched the bought tickets. He then told the lotto’s official that when he scratched the ticket, the first thing revealed to him was three zero. Thereafter there were two more zero appeared and the last number was 2. At this moment in time he went completely frozen, he told.

He stated further that his body was frozen and all he could to is to scream. He told that he screamed his heart out which his family and friends in Hatteras too may have heard.

When he was asked what he will do with all the money he told that he had planned to use it for education. He told that he had always wished to go to Harvard for graduation in Business & Marketing. Now that he has the money, his dream of going to Harvard looks possible, he said.

Funds collected through the North Carolina’s famous lottery are spent for funding education in over 100 counties of the state.