A Lucky £10,000 Win Claimed by a National Lottery Player

A Lucky £10,000 Win Claimed by a National Lottery Player

One of the top lottery operators in the United Kingdom “National Lottery” has just revealed the story of a player who has recently won a prize from the lottery. The lottery officials have revealed that the winner of the prize, Ashley Ferrell is a snowboarder.

Ferrell’s current occupation is as a brick worker and he loves to go snowboarding whenever he can. The £10,000 per month for year win came to the player when he decided to go for the “Set for Life” game. The Set for Life game is one of the most popular games that has been powered by the National Lottery.

The game has helped millions of players win huge prizes and the number of participants in the game is constantly rising. It is mainly because of the reputation and reception National Lottery has managed to gain in recent years among the players in the United Kingdom.

The officials had the opportunity to know Ashley Ferrell’s story when he was paid a visit by the National Lottery team to hand over the first prize. The player informed the officials how excited he was about his recent win and his entire family was also extremely thrilled when they heard the special news.

The player stated that he considers his recent win to be a sheer element of luck. There were high chances that he would have never gone for the National Lottery’s “Set for Life” game in the first place.

Ferrell revealed that he has always been a player of the EuroMillions game. There wasn’t a single time he had gone for the “Set for Life” game but one thing led to another and he decided to go for it.

As per Ferrell, he had recently won a small prize from the EuroMillions and was using it on a regular basis. Out of the prize money, he was only left with £1.50 in his account so he didn’t know exactly what he was going to do with it.

That is when he remembered the price for the National Lottery’s “Set for Life” ticket was exactly the same as what he had left. So he decided to go for it and the decision turned out to be one of the luckiest for him in his entire life.

Ferrell informed the lottery officials that this is the first time he had won something so huge. At first, he was not sure what he was going to do but then he contacted his family and told them about the win. He stated that his family was even more excited than he was and congratulated him for his win.

Snowboarding is the only hobby that Ferrell has been pursuing for a really long time and as per him, it is time for him to pay a visit to the snowy mountains in Canada for snowboarding.