A Lucky Couple from Auckley Just Won £1 Million from the National Lottery

A Lucky Couple from Auckley Just Won £1 Million from the National Lottery

The National Lottery is back again with one of the latest additions of a prize winner that has been claimed by a lucky couple. The lottery officials have confirmed that the couple: Mark, 47-year-old & Sara, 42-year-old are residents of Auckley.

Although the couple has been happily married for several years, yet they had wishes that were buried somewhere inside. The National Lottery is more than glad that it has managed to fulfill the desires and wishes of the couple.

The lottery has revealed that the Auckley couple is the latest to have become millionaires through the National Lottery. The couple decided to go for the scratch card game powered by the National Lottery and bagged a huge win.

The main winner of the prize is Mark whose grocery shopping at the store ended up winning him a big fortune. While sharing his story with the lottery officials, Mark stated that he has been a concierge at the Robin Hood Airport.

His daily job is to prepare chartered and private plans for high-profile businessmen and celebrities. Mark stated that one day he was coming back from work when he paid a visit to one of the grocery stores to buy some essentials for home.

That is where felt like purchasing a ticket for the National Lottery. As he had never played lottery games before, he decided to go for the scratch-card game instead of the lottery draw game. He confirmed that he had purchased the ticket on January 21, 2021.

Mark stated that as he got home, he put the grocery in the kitchen along with the scratch-card. Then he took off to walk his dog and spent an hour or two out of the house. When he got back home, he remembered that he had purchased a scratch-off ticket.

The player informed that as he started scratching the ticket, he could see £50,000s becoming visible. He kept scratching the ticket and kept adding the £50,000 that kept appearing. Mark stated that he had gotten up to £300,000 when Sara showed up.

Then the couple started scratching the ticket together and by the time they were done scratching the entire ticket, they had become millionaires. The couple ended up scratching a total of £1,000,000 from the ticket and were shocked to see how their luck had turned out to be.

They visited the store to confirm with the cashier and they received an acknowledgment from the store staff as well.

The couple informed that they will be going on a world tour as soon as it is safe to travel. Moreover, Mark will be setting up a man-cave for himself to make his own zone in the house.

Another surprising wish that the couple revealed was purchasing a hot pool.