A Lucky Man Wins A Million from $5,000,000 Luck Scratch-Off Game

A Lucky Man Wins A Million from $5,000,000 Luck Scratch-Off Game

One of the most played and very popular lottery games from the United States is back with another exciting news for the lottery enthusiasts. The lottery has recently yielded another player who is now going to be one of the luckiest in Florida State.

As always, the Florida Lottery is responsible for giving millions of people from around the country the opportunity to make a lot of money. There are many who try their lucks through games offered by the FL on a regular basis.

There are a lot of people from all over the country that have been purchasing different tickets powered by the FL Lottery. This injects hope into the players as it provides them with an opportunity to win big.

This time, the FL Lottery is bringing the story of a player who is a resident from Miami and he ended up winning big. The lottery officials have confirmed that the name of the player is Morris McCarty who is 68-years-old.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the player managed to win $1,000,000 prize money. The player had gone for one of the most popular lottery games that are powered by the Florida Lottery. The name of the game that the player went for is the $5,000,000 Luck Scratch-Off game.

The lottery operator has confirmed that the player had secured the prize-winning scratch-card at the Miami District Office’s dropbox.

The player was asked whether he would like to go for the annuity or one-time lump sum prize money. The player decided to go for the one-time $760,000 amount after federal/state tax deductions.

The winner of the million-dollar prize had purchased the ticket from the Total Food store. The store is located at 7777 Northwest 17th Avenue (Miami). The officials have stated that the store is also eligible for the $2,000 bonus commission as it sold the winning ticket to the lucky player

The lottery officials also had the opportunity to talk to McCarty about his recent win and how he felt about it. McCarty stated that this is the first time that the stars have smiled upon him and now he knows how it feels to be blessed.

The player informed that all his life, he had struggled a lot in order to make a fortune for himself and his family. However, the reality is always different from how one expects it to be so he never saw any good opportunity in life.

It was in his late 50’s when he decided to start playing lottery games because he was nearing his retirement. He had hoped that one day he would be able to win something and his dreams will finally come true.