A Lucky Powerball Ticket Helps a Manassas Woman Win $1,000,000

A Lucky Powerball Ticket Helps a Manassas Woman Win $1,000,000

The Virginia Lottery is excited to bring a Powerball woman from Manassas who is a millionaire starting this month. Rosalind Abdool, who is a resident of Manassas has won a million-dollar prize playing the Powerball lottery.

The Virginia lottery team has announced Abdool participated in the Powerball draw held on March 10, 2021. As a result, Rosalind Abdool won million-dollar prize money and has wonderful years ahead of her.

The Virginia lottery team has revealed Abdool purchased her lucky million-dollar prize-winning ticket from Giant Food. The particular Giant Food store that sold the ticket to Abdool is located at 10100 Dumfries Road, Manassas.

The lucky Giant Food store is also entitled to receive $10,000 in the form of a bonus commission for selling the million-dollar prize-winning ticket.

While purchasing the ticket, Abdool went ahead and chose the Quick Pick option. This means that the computer-generated the numbers on the ticket on its own for Abdool.

The numbers that were drawn by the Powerball lottery team on March 10 drawing were 53-44-37-18-17. Furthermore, the red Powerball number the operator had taken out was 18.

Once the lucky numbers were drawn, the ticket Abdool purchased managed to match the first five lucky numbers. If the ticket had matched the Powerball number as well, it would have ended up winning the jackpot prize.

According to the VA lottery team, Abdool took her time getting in touch with their team to claim her prize money. Although she had one-year time to show up and claim her prize, yet the lottery officials were worried about the player.

The officials revealed that since the draw, it was just last week when Abdool made contact and confirmed her ticket. The player collected her million-dollar prize money from the VA lottery’s headquarters.

During the prize-giving ceremony, she was asked the cause of the delay in contacting the officials. The player informed she was out of town for her brother’s wedding. She informed the officials her brother was getting married so she had to go and help him out with the preparations.

As the family gathered for the wedding preparations and the occasion, she completely lost track of her daily routine. After coming back, she checked her ticket and was completely taken away with the revelation.

She could not believe it was a million-dollar prize for her and she did not know how to react to it. She called her brother right away even though he was on his honeymoon, and told him about the win.

Abdool stated she currently has no plans for how she will be using the prize money. However, her brother’s honeymoon just upgraded from standard class to luxury class.