A Lucky Woman from Middletown wins $50,000 Powerball Lottery Prize

A Lucky Woman from Middletown wins $50,000 Powerball Lottery Prize

The Delaware lottery is here to announce the story of a player from Delaware State who has won huge prize money. According to the lottery officials, the player is from Middletown that had gone for the Powerball lottery game.

The Delaware lottery officials had been in search of the winner for more than a month, as they wanted to hand over the prize to the lucky player. The information suggests that the lucky woman from Middletown had a ticket that let her participate in the March 20 draw.

The lucky ticket helped her win a $50,000 prize and now she is one of the luckiest women in the Middletown lottery community. From the Powerball lottery draw, the ticket that the player had successfully matched 4 out of 5 primary numbers. The ticket also managed to match the Powerball number, concluding the draw with the player winning $50,000.

As the Delaware lottery does not obligate winners to reveal their identities, therefore, the Middletown woman requested to keep it anonymous. The lucky Middletown woman had purchased her Powerball lottery ticket from the Consolidated Gasoline.

The officials have revealed that the ticket winning the Middletown woman the prize money was a Quick Pick ticket. The Quick Pick option is one of the most used options the Powerball players choose when purchasing the tickets.

Through the Quick Pick option, the computer chooses the number automatically instead of the players going through the hassle.

The winner keeping her identity anonymous informed the officials that the prize-winning ticket was not the only one she had purchased. The woman confirmed to the officials she had purchased five Powerball tickets instead of one.

She stated that she does not have any strategy or proper planning when purchasing lottery tickets. However, most of the time, she purchases five Powerball tickets in a single go. This was one of those games where she decided to go for five tickets and choose the Quick Pick option for all five tickets.

The player informed the officials she had purchased the tickets a week before the draw had taken place. So surprisingly for the first time, she ended up forgetting about the tickets as well as the draw.

Due to some personal reasons, she could not play the Powerball lottery for almost a month. As her life got back on track after a month, that is when she remembered her tickets. She went ahead and checked her tickets one by one but no luck.

According to the player, she thought she was not going to win anything and that is when she checked her last ticket, and it turned out she had won $50,000.

The lucky woman informed the officials that half of her money will be invested and she will use the rest to start a small business.