A Lucky Woman from Wayne County Bags $150k Prize Playing Powerball

A Lucky Woman from Wayne County Bags $150k Prize Playing Powerball

Finally, the Michigan lottery officials have a story to share about a player who made it big playing the Powerball lottery. The MI lottery team is full of excitement and joy over a player finally winning decent prize money from the Powerball lottery.

The officials have stated that the major reason behind their joy is the player that they have been able to help. The player is in her 80’s and life becomes extremely difficult at this point, a majority of the people run out of finances.

However, the woman from Michigan no longer has to worry about that anymore as she has a decent amount she can bring to her use whenever needed.

The MI lottery team has revealed that the winner of the Powerball lottery prize, Vera Giglio had been playing the game with the same numbers for a very long time.

The lucky winner from Grosse Pointe Shores had always hoped that someday, she would end up winning huge prize money from the same numbers.

The lucky draw that helped her bag a win for the Powerball lottery was held on March 27, 2021. The numbers that the lottery operator drew for the 27th March draw were 65-39-38-14-06. The Powerball number that the operator drew was 06.

Giglio’s ticket managed to match 4 out of 5 lucky numbers as well as the Powerball number and she ended up winning a $50,000 prize. Initially, the prize money was $50,000 but Giglio had added a Power Play option to the game by paying an extra dollar on the ticket.

At the time of the draw, the operator took out a 3X multiplier, which tripled Giglio’s jackpot prize money and she was able to bag $150,000.

The officials have confirmed that Giglio had purchased her $150,000 prize-winning Powerball ticket from the Moonlite Party Store. The particular store is located at 33452 Harper Avenue, Clinton.

The 87-year-old Giglio shared her side of the story of winning the $150,000 prize. She informed the officials that she had been playing the Powerball lottery for a very long time. Ever since her husband passed away, she grew more attached to the Powerball lottery game.

Back in the day, she and her husband both used to play the Powerball lottery games together. The numbers that led to her $150,000 win were the ones her husband used to play with. So all she could think of was to keep playing with the same numbers, hoping that one day, these numbers will show their true meaning.

The player was very excited and filled with tears while sharing her story. She stated that she will be donating some part of her winning for charitable causes and the remainder would be for herself.