A Lucky Woman Wins £25,000 from “The Health Lottery”

A Lucky Woman Wins £25,000 from “The Health Lottery”

In the entire United Kingdom, one of the most popular and widely played lottery games is “The Health Lottery”. It is known for providing players with several opportunities throughout the week to play and win huge lottery prizes. The lottery is known for donating around 20% of each ticket’s price over to charities.

This time, “The Health Lottery” brings the story of the luckiest and a blessed woman that has won £25,000 from one of the lottery games.

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thunderballThe Health Lottery has informed that their latest winner Gail Frost, is a 73-year-old, who has been a huge supporter of The Health Lottery and the causes it serves. The player found herself to be the luckiest among hundreds of thousands of people when she managed to bag the £25,000 jackpot prize.

The Health Lottery has revealed that the player managed to match all 5 sets of numbers on the ticket and won a life-changing prize of £25,000.

When the player showed up at The Health Lottery’s office, the lottery officials took the opportunity and got to know the player’s story.

Gail Frost informed the officials that when she first got the notification of the win, she became very skeptical. She informed that just recently, one of her neighbors got scammed by someone claiming to be from a lottery office. The scammers got the neighbor into thinking that he was going to receive the huge prize money only to find out later that it was nothing more than a scam.

In the process, the neighbor ended losing a few hundred pounds as he was asked to pay a small amount for the money clearance.

Gail Frost stated that this was the very reason she was very cautious and did not want to get fooled just like her neighbor. However, when she got the confirmation from more than 1 source, she could not believe the news.

For Gail, it has always been a game where one has the chance of winning small prizes such as £20, £50, or at max £250. She had never thought a huge prize of £25,000 would be waiting for her. She informed that lottery officials that she has been a huge supporter of The Health Lottery.

She has been playing it for years and is always pleased to know that her contributions are going towards noble and charitable causes. She also appreciated the efforts of the entire Health Lottery team stating that they are serving the country in so many different ways.

When asked about her plans for spending the prize money, she said that there was nothing on her planning list. But she assured me that there will definitely be things that she will be doing with the prize money.