A Man from Cranbourne Wins $5,000,000 Playing OZ Lotto

A Man from Cranbourne Wins $5,000,000 Playing OZ Lotto

The Lott is back again and this time, it has a winning announcement from one of the top lottery games in Australia called the “Oz Lotto”. The Oz Lotto has a huge fan following in the country and almost every lottery player in Australia has played it at least once in his or her life.

Although there are several announcements to be made by the Lott for now, the operator is excited about the lucky player from Cranbourne.

The lottery is one of the biggest gambles in life where the player has too little to lose. A person can win a billion if luck ends up shining over his or her head. Lotteries are one of the biggest opportunities in life that not everyone dares to take believing that they are nothing more than a hoax or fraud.

The Lott has revealed that the player is from Victoria and playing the OZ Lotto game helped him become a multi-millionaire within a week. According to the officials, the player went for the Oz Lotto draw held back on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, and won a $5,000,000 prize.

The officials have confirmed that the ticket belonged to the division one category, the highest one offered by the Oz Lotto. However, the Cranbourne player was not the only player who won the division one prize money. Two more players from different areas in Australia have won the division prizes and they have all won $5,000,000 each.

The Lott also shared it was the Camborne Authorized Newsagency that sold the $5 million prize-winning ticket to the Victorian. The particular store is located at 105 High Street, Cranbourne.

The manager of the particular store, Trissa Yang also had her own excitement to share with the lottery officials. Yang stated they have been selling lottery tickets ever since they started operating but never had any player winning even a million-dollar prize.

Therefore, they are extremely excited that one of their regulars ended up winning $5 million. Yang informed the officials they have been celebrating ever since they heard the news. The entire store staff is energetic and filled with excitement, as one of their regular customers has had a life-changing win.

Yang stated that they could not wait for the player to visit the store so they could break the news to him.

The winner told the lottery officials he literally floored, as one of his friends at the news agency told him he had won $5,000,000. He could not believe what he was hearing but he knew that he had to accept it as soon as possible.

The player informed the officials he is not going to spend his money without thinking. For now, he has his family he needs to take care of and the prize money is the biggest financial he could get.