A Man from Miami Won $2 Million from $2,000,000 50X Cashword Scratch-Off Game

A Man from Miami Won $2 Million from $2,000,000 50X Cashword Scratch-Off Game

The Florida Lottery is back with a huge announcement of a lucky man from Miami who has won $2 million. The lottery officials have revealed that the player had gone for a prominent scratch-off game powered by the FL Lottery.

The FL Lottery has revealed that the lucky man from Miami played the “50X Cashword Scratch-Off” game. As a result, he was able to take home a $2,000,000 prize money back to Miami and is now a millionaire.

The FL executives have confirmed that the name of the $2 million prize winner is Jorge De La Vega. Jorge De La Vega is a 54-year-old man from Miami. The winner of the 2 million dollar prize money had successfully secured his prize-winning scratch-off ticket at the dropbox located at Miami District Office of FL Lottery.

When the ticket was received, the player was offered whether he would like to go for an annuity installment plan or for a one-time lump sum. Jorge De La Vega decided to go for the latter option and took home a whopping amount of $1,760,000 after federal and state tax deductions.

Jorge De La Vega had purchased the $2 million prize-winning ticket from Supertony Oil Inc. The store is located at 13701 Southwest 42nd Street (Miami).

The lottery team has revealed that Supertony Oil Inc. will also be receiving a bonus commission of $4,000 for selling the $2 million prize-winning ticket.

The player also shared the story of his winning as well as his experience in lottery gaming. La Vega stated that he has been playing FL Lottery games for a really long time and was afraid that he would have to put a stop to them.

As per him, he was soon going to retire and would not have enough money to spend on lottery games. He also wanted to win something huge from the lottery games before he could retire and stop playing lotteries for good.

The player stated that this was the first time he had gone for the particular game. The player stated that he gave it a shot as it had recently been launched by the FL Lottery so there were possibilities of winning something.

To the player’s surprise, he did end up winning prize money of $2 million and managed to take home $1,760,000. The player stated that he is going to save up most of the money as a retirement fund and will be spending some to get a few things taken care of.

The store staff also congratulated La Vega for his exciting win, stating that they have been selling tickets to him for a really long time. They always hoped that he would eventually end up winning something and he actually did.