A Man from Sarina Receives a $10,000 Scratch-Its (The Lott) Surprise from His Wife

A Man from Sarina Receives a $10,000 Scratch-Its (The Lott) Surprise from His Wife

The New Year starts big and filled with joy for a couple from Sarina as a small Christmas Present turns into a huge prize for the husband. The Lott feels really excited for the couple and is glad to share their story with the entire world.

The Lott has been in action for many years and is proud to have provided players with the opportunity of winning big prizes through numerous games.

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The couple told the exciting story of their win and informed the lottery officials of the plans they have with the money.

The wife informed me that she bought her husband an Instant Scratch-Its ticket as a small Christmas Present. She informed that due to the pandemic, the financial condition of the entire world is facing a downfall and their lives are no different.

She informed that they did not have enough savings this year to celebrate the Christmas and New Year Holidays so they decided to spend the season at their house. They could not even hold a gathering at their house the way they used to do it in the past.

The couple decided to scratch the ticket together on Christmas Eve and when they did it, they went silent for a short moment. The couple went into a state of shock and was not able to comprehend that they had actually won a $10,000 prize from the Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The couple informed that they were still unable to believe that they had actually won a prize and checked with their friends if it was true. After getting confirmation from their friends, they visited the same store where they had purchased the ticket to check if they had actually won a prize.

When the store confirmed the win, they could hardly control their emotions. The wife informed that she started crying the moment the store confirmed the win as they needed the money really bad.

The couple informed that they had never played any lottery and this was the first-ever attempt made by them and for sure, it will not be the last one.

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The Lott confirmed that the couple had bought the lucky ticket from the newsXpress Sarina. The news agency is located in Shop 5, Sarina Beach Road Shopping Center. The shopping center is located at 13 Sarina Beach Road, Sarina.

When asked about the plans for spending the prize money, the couple advised that they have many plans they want to take care of with the prize money. The couple informed that they will be using the money from the lottery prize to buy themselves a new car.

The news agency that sold the lucky ticket to the couple has also congratulated the couple for their lucky win.