A Man from Wynnum Wins $1,000,000 from Gold Lotto

A Man from Wynnum Wins $1,000,000 from Gold Lotto

The Lott is here again to share the story of a lucky player that has won a huge prize playing the Gold Lotto game. The officials have confirmed that the player who won the huge prize is a resident from Wynnum. The lottery teams have confirmed that by playing the Gold Lotto game, the player has won a million-dollar prize.

According to the details, the draw for the particular Gold Lotto game was held on Saturday, March 13, 2021, and it was the draw number: 4137 for the particular game that yielded a millionaire.

For playing the Gold Lotto game and taking part in draw number 4137, the player has won huge prize money of $1,165,537.35.

As for the purchase of the ticket, the lucky Gold Lotto prize-winning player had purchased it from NewsXpress Wynnum. The part store is located at Shop 2, 126 Edith Street, Wynnum.

The Lott had the opportunity to speak with the lucky million-dollar prize winner from Wynnum as he appeared to claim the prize money.

The teams at the lottery office were very anxious to meet the player because the player’s reaction on the phone had caught their attention. As per the lottery representatives, it took them calls from several representatives before the player accepted the win.

Initially, when the winner was called, he could not believe the news of winning a million-dollar prize. When informed of the win, the player kept arguing for several minutes before asking to be called back by someone else.

The player went on with it several times before he finally believed the representatives and stated he was sorry for bothering them with all the checks.

The player informed the lottery officials that there have been several scam calls in recent months due to the pandemic. People are believing whatever they hear from anyone if it is related to monetary compensation or profits.

So he didn’t want to take any chances and wanted to be sure before he could believe the news of winning a million-dollar.

The players stated that he was extremely worried about his upcoming years as he wasn’t doing well given the current circumstances. Now the player has a million-dollar to get him through the hard times and help his entire family out.

The player also stated that he is going to take his entire family on a trip and let the million-dollar win sink in.

The Lott has congratulated the lucky million-dollar prize winner over his win. As per The Lott, it is a celebration for the teams at the operator when there is a millionaire announced. The operators feel proud that they are playing a huge role in changing the lives of the people by offering them different games.