A National Lottery Player Wins Half a Million Pounds

A National Lottery Player Wins Half a Million Pounds

The National Lottery is proud to present the story of a lucky man from Milton Keynes who has just become £500,000 richer. The officials have revealed that the player ended up winning the huge prize from the Instant Win Game that he played through the National Lottery.

The name of the player that has won the £500,000 prize is Gareth who is a 41-year-old resident from Milton Keynes. There, Gareth lives with his partner Connor Dennis and their 16-week old puppy named “Ruby”.

Gareth informed that he is a store manager at a supermarket and had decided to take a day-off with Ruby. The winner stated that he was playing the “Instant Win Game” online through his smartphone that is powered by the National Lottery.

Gareth stated that as he was about to pick the last number, Ruby started showing that she badly wanted to spend a penny. When he saw that, he definitely did not want to mess with the call of nature and took Ruby outside for a spin.

He stated that as he walked into the house with Ruby, he received a notification on his phone. He took it out and his phone was flashing with an email that he had just received. To his surprise, the email said that he had just won a huge prize from National Lottery’s “Instant Win Game”.

At first, he did not believe what he was seeing so he decided to log in to the National Lottery account to double-check if the email was true or a scam.

When he accesses his National Lottery account, he was taken away as he could see that £500,000 had just been added to the account. At that time, he could hardly control his shock and was about to collapse. When he regained his senses, he collected himself and called Connor to give him the big news.

Even Connor did not believe the news on the first go but when he sent him the screenshot from his National Lottery account, Connor also went into shock.

Connor stated that he came back to his office house right when he saw the video from Gareth and they both celebrated that night. The couple also contacted their entire family and informed them of the winners who were also very excited to hear the news.

The couple stated that they are going to help their families out with the money they have received. Gareth stated that the pandemic has already done a lot of financial damage to their families and friends. Therefore, it is now up to them to help their loved ones out and make a difference with the money.

The couple also plans on buying themselves a new Range Rover, pay off mortgages, and buy themselves Rolex watches.