A Newly Moved to Essex Wins £242,775 From EuroMillions

A Newly Moved to Essex Wins £242,775 From EuroMillions

The National Lottery is proud to bring the story of a lucky woman who had her entire life change and then she won it big. This time, the lottery officials have revealed the story of Samantha Morton who is a 38-year-old woman who had lived in Dorset her entire life.

Samantha Morton informed the lottery officials that she had just moved to Essex to move in with her new boyfriend ‘Barry’. The player informed that she and Barry met online during the pandemic and their friendship grew to the level of being BF/GF.

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In the beginning, they used to meet each other on weekends and either one of them had to make a three and a half-hour drive. It was either her who had to come all the way from Dorset or Barry who had to do it from Essex. Soon they realized that they wanted to see each other more often and with time, the 170-mile distance was being the biggest obstacle.

So she decided to move in with Barry in Essex so they could start their life together. Samantha Morton informed the lottery officials that she had been divorced for a couple of years. She found Barry to be the best companion as he was always there for her no matter the situation.

Samantha informed that the ticket she had purchased was for the EuroMillions draw that was held on November 27, 2020. She informed me that she woke up the next day for work and saw that she had some unread emails. So she decided to go through them one-by-one and found out that she had received an email from the National Lottery.

When she opened the email, she could not believe that it was regarding a prize win from the draw that had taken place the night earlier. She accessed her National Lottery account and was completely taken by the notification showing her that she had won a £242,775 lottery prize.

Samantha informed that although she had received the email yet she was still a bit confused and could not quite believe it. Therefore, she decided to check and confirm the prize with Camelot.

The winner stated that the first thing in her mind was to get dressed and get to work as she had just started her new job. She decided to call Camelot during her break and when confirmed, she was thrilled to know about her win.

The very next person she called was Barry to tell him about the win and he himself could not believe what he had just heard.

Samantha Morton informed the lottery officials that she is not used to playing lottery games but she thought of giving it a try when she learned that the EuroMillions jackpot prize was growing so big. The player informed that she went for the lucky dip and won it big.