A Portuguese Player wins £69 Million Jackpot Playing EuroMillions

A Portuguese Player wins £69 Million Jackpot Playing EuroMillions

According to the latest reports, the EuroMillions has found its latest jackpot prize winner. The EuroMillions lottery team is excited to announce the details around the game and how much the winner has won playing the game.

The EuroMillions officials have confirmed that the jackpot prize winner is from Portugal. This is the sixth jackpot prize that has been won in the year 2021 and the number continues to grow higher.

In order to win the jackpot prize, the player had to match all the numbers drawn by the operator on the night of the draw. Fortunately, the winner did manage to match all the numbers on the ticket to win the jackpot prize.

As most of the time, only a single player emerged as the jackpot prize winner. The top prize money for the recent jackpot prize was £60 million. Therefore, the lucky Portuguese player has won £60 million from the game, which at the time of writing translates to €69.

The draw for the particular jackpot prize game was held on Friday, May 7, 2021. The lucky primary drawn by the lottery officials for the particular game 47, 38, 33, 22, and 14. On the other hand, the Lucky Stars drawn by the operator for the particular draw were 9 and 8.

The jackpot prize money had been rolling over and until 7th May, it had rolled over four times, bringing the amount to such height. The particular jackpot prize was won after the submission of several million entries. The data from the EuroMillions lottery officials shows that there were 27 million entries submitted for the particular jackpot game.

With every passing jackpot game, the total number of participants continues growing. This goes to show that the public is participating more and more in the lottery games. EuroMillions is considered the third-largest lottery game in the entire world.

At present, the two largest lottery games are Mega Millions and Powerball. In the past several decades, these two games have created more millionaires than ever. Both lottery games have even created billionaires out of their games.

Out of the total 27 million players, 2 million players were able to win different prizes. This means that the turnaround of the lottery game and prizes is also very significant when the EuroMillions lottery.

Out of the 2 million players, only 1 lucky winner was able to win the jackpot prize of £60 million. Before the £60 million jackpot, the last jackpot was won back on Tuesday, April 20, which was for more than £59 million.

Out of the six jackpot prize winners from the running year, one jackpot was one from Switzerland, one from Spain, one from Portugal, and three from the UK.