A Ticket worth More Than $503,000 has been sold in Philadelphia

A Ticket worth More Than $503,000 has been sold in Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Lottery is here to share the details of a ticket that has won whopping prize money of $503,923.50. The lottery team has revealed that the $503,923.50 prize comes from a game called the “Moolah Match” game.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the particular ticket has been sold in Philadelphia. It has also been confirmed that the ticket for the Moolah Match game was sold on Friday, March 5, 2021.

The store that sold that lucky $503,000 plus prize-winning ticket is Sunoco A Plus Mini Market. The lucky store is located at 630 Walnut Lane, Philadelphia. The officials have confirmed that the store will also be receiving a $5,000 bonus commission for selling the $503,000 ticket.

The PA Lottery team has congratulated the player in advance and is now hoping for the player to get in touch with them as soon as possible. According to the operator, the winners of the prizes tend to contain them in the first week of the wins.

However, this time, it has been almost two weeks and there is no sign of the winner. The team at the PA lottery is anxiously waiting for the winner of the prize to get in touch with them so they can make the necessary arrangements.

Due to the COVID, the lottery operator is taking all the necessary measurements to ensure none of the SOPs are breached. The lottery prize winners are repeatedly encouraged by the PA lottery to always call before coming into the head office for claiming the prize money.

This way, the Pennsylvania lottery can give a confirmed date to the winner to come in and claim the prize. This also provides the lottery officials with enough time to arrange the prize money so when the winner shows up, they are handed the money right away.

According to the policy, the winners at the PA Lottery have a claim period of a year to show up and bag their wins. After that, the prize money expires and is sent off to charitable causes that the PA lottery already supports.

There have been many cases where the winners of the prize monies never showed up to claim them. The majority of the time, the winners claim that they didn’t know and no one informed them. However, the lottery officials cannot confirm where the prize winner is so they do not have any way of contacting them until their register their win.

This is the reason why the PA lottery goes an extra mile and shares the details of the prize winner and the store with the aim to reach out to the winner.

Most of the time, when people in the particular areas learn about the announcement, they start searching for the winners and the players do turn up stating that the store contacted them.