A Woman from Dysart Just won $100,000 from Playing The Lott

A Woman from Dysart Just won $100,000 from Playing The Lott

No matter how popular a lottery game may become in Australia, they will always have a competition with The Lott. The Lott is one of the oldest lottery games that has been played in Australia and has been offering numerous winning/life-changing chances to players.

The Lott has been around since 1917, meaning that it is now older than a century and is still counting years. It is one of the most played and cherished lottery games in the entire country and the Australians trust the lottery with their money.

They know that even if they do not win anything, they would still be giving money away for noble causes. The Lott is known for providing players with more than 5 different kinds of playing options that they can choose from.

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Out of these 5 plus lottery games, half of them belong to the lottery draw games and a half to the scratch-cards. For The Lott, both game types are as important as the other one as the Australians love to try their lucks in any way possible.

The hardworking teams at The Lott always enjoy and cherish the moments when someone turns up to claim their prize. For the teams, it is like a mission getting successfully accomplished as the people who win the prize money show up and claim their money.

The Lott officials love to collect the data and story around each win and share it with the entire Australian as well as global lottery community for inspiration and motivation.

Even for this time, The Lott is aiming to share the story of a lucky woman from Dysart who has won a huge $100,000 prize. The Dysart woman has won it by playing the top lottery scratch-card game powered by The Lott, “Instant Scratch-Its”.

Each ticket for the Instant Scratch-Its costs $5 and has the potential to offer millions in lottery prizes. The lucky Dysart woman winning the $100,000 prize had purchased the ticket from Dysart News & Post.  The particular Dysart News & Post shop is located at Shop 7, Garden Plaza Shopping Center, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Dysart.

The $100,000 prize-winning player stated that it was a normal morning for her just like every day. However, today was the day she was going to win $100,000 and a rich lottery player.

According to the player, she is a regular in playing scratch-card games and has been doing it ever since she was young. The player stated that it was just like a regular weekly run as she purchased the ticket and scratched it. However, this time she realized she had won a huge prize, but couldn’t quite believe it. So she visited the news agency who confirmed that the prize money was higher than they could payout.

Just like every other citizen in the entire world, the first thing that Dysart woman is planning to take care of is her bills and then party later with the prize money.