A Woman from Lewiston, Utah wins $50,000 Powerball Prize

A Woman from Lewiston, Utah wins $50,000 Powerball Prize

The Powerball Lottery is here to make a huge announcement about a player named Tailer Olsen who is a resident from Lewiston, Utah. The lottery officials have confirmed that Olsen won a huge prize money of $50,000 by playing the Powerball Lottery game.

As per the Powerball Lottery officials, the draw for the particular game that Tailer Olsen participated in was held on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

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As the numbers were drawn for the particular draw, Olsen found that she was just one number short from winning the jackpot prize. However, she did end up winning a prize money of $50,000 for playing her luckiest Powerball Lottery game.

According to the lottery officials, Olsen had purchased her $50k prize winning ticket from Fast Stop shop. The particular shop is located in Franklin, Idaho. The store will also be receiving a bonus commission of $5,000 for selling Olsen the $50,000 prize winning ticket.

The player stated that she was completely taken by the news when she got to know she had won a huge prize money. Olsen stated that she and her husband have been playing the Powerball Lottery for a really long time. However, she has been playing the Powerball Lottery games with more dedication and regularly.

Olsen stated that for every ticket she purchases, she hopes that it would turn out to be a huge win for her. However, things never went in her favor but she never lost hope and continued playing the game on a weekly basis.

She has always found Powerball Lottery to be the best and the most profiting lottery game in the entire world. The player stated that although she lives in Utah, she always drives all the way to the border between Utah and Idaho, where the particular store is located.

As she lives very close to the border between the two states, she tends to drive there every week and purchase lottery tickets for the Powerball Lottery.

Olsen and her husband reportedly visited the Powerball Lottery office in Boise to claim their $50,000 lottery prize. The lottery officials have confirmed that she drove to Boise with her husband in order to claim the prize money.

The winner stated that she has been a regular player of the Powerball Lottery draw games. Olsen added that despite the win, she still plans to continue to playing the Powerball Lottery game and keep checking her luck.

The player stated that although they knew they had won the prize, still they couldn’t make it to the office to claim the prize. She specifically mentioned that her husband was trying to take a day off so they can all visit the lottery office and receive their prize money.