A Woman from Taylors Hill Wins AU$1.15 Million Playing Tatts Lotto

A Woman from Taylors Hill Wins AU$1.15 Million Playing Tatts Lotto

The Lott is back with another exciting announcement around a woman that is a resident from Taylors Hill, Victoria. To the player’s unexpected surprise, she ended up winning a prize money of AU$1.15 million.

The lottery operators have confirmed that the prize money of $1.15 million came looking for the winner when she played the TattsLotto game. It is one of the most popular and played lottery draw game that has been launched by The Lott.

The lottery officials have revealed that the draw for the particular game was held on Saturday, March 6, 2021 for TattsLotto. From the particular draw, the player was yielded as the division 1 prize winner and took home a total amount of AU$1,156,990.80.

This is 1 out of the 5 division 1 prizes that the player has managed to win for the TattsLotto from the March 6 draw.

The winner of the TattsLotto’s $1.15 million prize winner had purchased the lucky ticket from CTC Taylors Hill/Tatts. The store is located at Shop 13, Taylors Hill Village, Corner Hume & Gourlay Road. The store is located in Taylors Hill, Victoria.

The Lotts team had the opportunity to talk to the winner as she walked in to claim her prize from the lottery office’s headquarters.

The player informed the lottery officials that she has been playing lottery on a regular basis. She always thought that someday, she will be able to win something big and her life will be changed forever.

She stated that in the past, she had won only small prizes that were worth $100 several times. But she had never won any huge prize so she was not expecting to win something so big in her life. The player stated that she did not even watch the draw while it was being aired lived and had no idea about the results.

She stated that she would not have remembered the game if she hadn’t received the email from The Lotts. She received the email from The Lotts on Sunday, March 7, 2021 stating that she had won a prize through the lottery.

The player informed the officials that the amount was not mentioned in the email so she thought that this time, she had won a few thousand dollars.

She stated that she was already excited as she had the feeling she had won a few thousand dollars. But to her surprise, she had won the 1st division prize that was worth AU$1.15 million from the TattsLotto game.

The player was extremely ecstatic and thrilled about her win and was thankful to the lottery as well as the store for being a part of her great win.