A Woman In Greenwood Wins $300,000 In South Carolina Education Lottery

A Woman In Greenwood Wins $300,000 In South Carolina Education Lottery

A woman in Greenwood is the latest winner of the South Carolina Education Lottery, winning $300,000.

The winner has chosen to remain anonymous under the South Carolina lottery laws. It is one of the few states amongst Kansas, Delaware, Texas, Maryland, Ohio and North Dakota to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.

As she realized she had won $300,000 in lottery, she ran out of the convenience store. She must be beyond ecstatic, since no one believes to become so rich just in few minutes. In those few seconds she must have thought that her life has changed completely. It is common to have this feeling when you suddenly, without any expectation win a windfall.

The winning woman had purchased the winning lottery ticket from the Express Mart at 307 Montague Ave. She had chosen the Extra Play scratch-off worth $300,000. She managed to win against the 1 in 1,000,000 odds of winning.

She narrates that the feeling was so amazing that she had run out of the store.

While the lucky woman hasn’t revealed how she plans on spending her windfall, she sure can be given some ideas. Unexpected bonanza can open a world of opportunities. You can go on that trip of yours that you haven’t been able to take because of financial constraints. If someone is living at a rented place, then they can by a house overnight. Experts’ advice that one should invest their money so that you may earn returns on it overtime.

There is always a chance of recklessly spending your windfall. Winners are advised to be very careful as to how and where they want to spend their money. Many lottery winners end up losing all their winnings just because of careless decisions.

In the last one month, Greenwood has seen three lottery winners, including her. Earlier on in February, Royal #8 at 2701 County Farm Road sold the winning $300,000 Riches ticket. This lucky winner had revealed about his plan to buy a house. While the other winning ticket was a Money scratch-off, that was purchased from Quick Pantry #16 at 232 Calhoun Ave.

The Greenwood convenience store has also earned through this win. The store will be getting a commission of $3,000 from the lottery amount. Additionally, this winning ticket will give the convenience store free publicity and attract a lot of foot traffic.

South Carolina Education Lottery has many lottery games to offer. The purpose of this lottery corporation is to raise funds for various higher education programs. The funds raised by the Lottery have helped universities and colleges alike to upgrade their equipment and improve their infrastructure.

South Carolina Education Lottery has its official application by the same name. Interested players should install the app for the latest updates on the various games that the lottery has to offer.