An Emotional Win of $1,000,000 Claimed by Forsyth County Man Playing Powerball

An Emotional Win of $1,000,000 Claimed by Forsyth County Man Playing Powerball

Once again, the largest lottery game in the entire world, Powerball is back with an announcement for the world to remember. The lottery officials have brought forward the story of Kevin Halterman as an inspiration for the entire lottery community.

With the winning story of Halterman, the lottery officials want to show how much lottery games have matured in the past decades. There was a time when people thought of lottery games as fraud and nothing more than hoaxes. Majority of the people from around the world have always perceived lottery games as a waste of money or fake money.

However, stories such as Halterman’s seem to gain the trust of such people and show exactly how much lottery games mean to people for whom lottery games have very high sentimental meaning.

The lottery officials have revealed that Kevin Halterman is a resident of Pfafftown who started playing Powerball not for himself but for his father.

To him, it was not just a game but also, an obligation that he bestowed upon himself after his father’s death from Cancer.

The Powerball lottery team has confirmed that the ticket Kevin Halterman had purchased was for Saturday, January 23, 2021. For Halterman, it was not the first time he had purchased a Powerball ticket with manual numbers. He had been playing the Powerball lottery game ever since his father passed away in March of 2020.

According to the officials, the lucky ticket for the Powerball lottery ended up winning Halterman million-dollar prize money.

The officials revealed that Halterman had purchased his $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Family Fare. The particular lottery retail shop is located at Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem.

Later on, Kevin Halterman visited the Powerball lottery’s headquarters in order to claim the prize money. There, Halterman was given his prize money of $707,506 after tax deductions.

When the lottery asked Halterman about the win, he had a very emotional story to share about his inspiration for playing Powerball. Halterman informed the officials that he had never played any lottery games back in 2019.

However, his father was always fond of playing lottery games and preferred the Powerball lottery to any other. He always chose the same numbers whenever purchasing tickets but he never once changed him. However, in August, his father passed away and Kevin Halterman was extremely emotional about the entire situation.

For him, he had a source for keeping his father’s legacy alive, which was by continuing to playing the Powerball lottery with his father’s desired numbers.

His aim was to keep playing the game until some prize money was won. However, to his utmost shock, the prize money turned out to be a million dollars.

Halterman confirmed that all of the money for the ticket winning would go to his mother who was always worried about his health.