An Instant Ticket Wins $75,000 to a Man from Garnett

An Instant Ticket Wins $75,000 to a Man from Garnett

The Kansas Lottery recently revealed the story of a lucky man whose visit to a gas station landed him with a huge prize win. As always, the Kansas Lottery is known for giving out huge prizes to the players and changing their lives forever. The lottery operator is involved in giving millions of players the opportunity to play and win prizes.

This time, the Kansas Lottery is revealing the story of a man from Tennessee who ended up winning a $75,000 prize money. The officials have revealed that the prize money came from the Jewel Jackpot instant game that is powered by the Kansas Lottery itself.

The Lottery officials also had the opportunity to know the story of the winner and share it with the rest of the lottery community.

The winner, Brien Fox informed the lottery officials that he is used to going for the annual hunting trips. The winner informed that he had been driving for a while and decided to take a short break. The player made a short stop at a gas station and that is when he made a life-changing decision.

Fox informed the officials that he made a stop at a gas station that was located at Garnett, Kansas. The player informed that he wanted to go for the $5 as well as $10 ticket for the “Holiday Lucky Times”. However, the store operator ran out of the $10 Holiday Lucky Times tickets so he decided to go for the five-dollar tickets instead.

Furthermore, he got himself a scratch-off ticket for the Jewel Jackpot. The player informed that he got the tickets and came out of the store for fueling. While fueling his car, he decided to scratch the ticket and as he did that, he started seeing diamonds on the ticket.

Fox stated that as he continued to scratch, more diamonds started appearing and the three diamonds ended up winning him $75,000.

The player informed that he was extremely excited and ecstatic about the win and wanted to call his wife right away. Therefore, he did who was not believing him at all as she kept saying that he was just pulling a joke on her.

Fox told the officials that he playfully took the scan for the winning ticket and showed her the address that he was going to go and collect the prize money.

The player informed the officials that they had been facing some difficult times due to the pandemic and the win has come at the right time. With the prize money, he will be able to pay off bills and some loans that have been piling up for a while.

The player also stated that as soon as he reaches home, he is going to take his wife on a luxurious trip.