An Old Powerball $50,000 Winner Finally Shows Up To Claim Prize

An Old Powerball $50,000 Winner Finally Shows Up To Claim Prize

The Delaware Lottery is excited to announce that they can finally take out one player from their waiting list. The officials are glad that after almost three months of winning the prize, the player has shown up and claimed it.

According to the DE lottery, it would have been a great loss to the player if she had not shown up to claim the money. Although the money could have gone towards charitable causes, yet, it would have been a loss for the rightful winner.

Even though charities are noble causes, yet the first right on the prize money goes to the rightful winners. These are the people that spent their money to try their luck to see if fortune comes their way. It is because of the dedication and support of such people that the lottery games turn out very successful.

Currently, a total of 45 states support lottery games in the United States. This means that majority of the public in the country is helping people in need with their money. This is the reason why the lottery games in the United States are such a huge success.

The country has even produced the two largest lottery games in the entire history of lottery gaming. Both lottery games are arguable number one in terms of sales, prizes, and user base. However, Powerball prevails over Mega Millions due to the highest prize money draws.

Although the prize money this time is not a very large amount, yet it holds a lot of value to the winner. It is worth it when a person spends a few dollars on a ticket that ends up producing thousands of dollars.

Something quite similar had happened to this particular winner from Middletown who is a 42-year-old woman. The player had purchased five lottery tickets to try her luck and see if she wins anything.

She had purchased all the tickets from the Consolidated Gasoline of Delaware, Newark. The draw for the particular tickets was to take place on March 20th, 2021. While 4 of her tickets turned stale, the fifth one was the lucky charm as it matched four out of five lucky numbers and the Powerball number.

Therefore, the player ended up winning prize money of $50,000. Unfortunately, the player had not added the Power Play option to the ticket, meaning her prize money could have multiplied.

After waiting for such a long time, the winner has finally shown up to claim her prize. When asked for her plans with the money, the player prefers to stay anonymous, stated she has none.

The player stated that she is going to have to think about what she needs to do with the money she has on hand.