Australian Powerball Jackpot Winner of $40 Million Remains In Denial

Australian Powerball Jackpot Winner of $40 Million Remains In Denial

A Powerball jackpot prize worth $80 million was won by two players in the recent draw. While one of the winners has stepped forward to claim it, the other one still remains a mystery.

A woman in Campbelltown, Sydney won the 2021 record Powerball jackpot lottery of $40 million.

It was the Sydney retiree’s grandson who had influenced her to purchase the lottery ticket. Therefore, the winning woman gave the credit for the win to her grandson. She narrated that her grandson had remarked that she’s going to win the lottery and that is what prompted her to buy it.

The chances of scoring a division one prize are very slim, about one in 134,490,400. But there are some lucky winners who make it through this probability.


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The Lott revealed that the grandmother was shell-shocked on being told about the win. The woman was in disbelief and was not able to come to accept that the win was true and real. Such huge wins are hard to believe and seem dreamlike, thus making it difficult for winners to come to terms with it.

The winning grandmother who is not ready to accept the win needs to come to terms with it so that she can enjoy her windfall.

Pradeep Ahluwalia, the newsagent who sold her the ticket was also very ecstatic about the win. He revealed that it is the biggest prize that he has ever sold. Ahluwalia will also receive his share of the commission from the lottery amount since he is the lucky vendor of the winning ticket.

Ahluwalia showed his excitement by informing the Lott that they too were going to celebrate the win. According to him, their customers would also get very happy after hearing the big news. He added that it felt great to have one of their customers win so big.

The lottery officials at Lott have still not been able to contact the other winner of the remaining $40 million. This particular winner had purchased their ticket from an NSW Lotteries outlet in Fairfield.

According to the lottery officials, the mystery winner hasn’t even answered Lott’s call so they might be oblivious of their win.

The spokesperson for Lott, Lauren Cooney commented on the latest winners, where one is in denial and the other still hasn’t been tracked. For the winning woman in denial, she noted that she needs to accept her win. While for the second winner she said they need to receive their call in order to get this amazing news.

This jackpot of $80 million is by far the largest of the draws that have taken place this year. The numbers required for the win were 35-26-10-17-31-19-21 and Powerball number 1.

Looks like two Sydneysiders are going to have a marvelous end to the week, albeit one of them is still a mystery. The Lott is requesting all the Powerball players who purchased their tickets in Fairfield to be vigilant and check their tickets. If you want your weekend to take an interesting turn then check your ticket because who knows you might be the lucky one.