Camelot In Search Of £1 Million EuroMillions Winner from Welwyn Hatfield

Camelot In Search Of £1 Million EuroMillions Winner from Welwyn Hatfield

How unfortunate is it when lottery prizes sit unclaimed for months only to expire eventually? One such lottery prize worth £1 million remains unclaimed somewhere in Hertfordshire, and luckily there is still time before it expires.

It is a life-changing amount and no one would want to miss it.

The National Lottery officials are hunting a EuroMillions UK winner. The ticket is thought to have been bought in the county’s Welwyn Hatfield district.

It is the April 21 draw of the EuroMillions for which the winner has still not turned up. The lottery promises prizes worth millions of pounds in every lottery draw and players are eager to play it. It seldom happens that a winner is unaware of their win. However, this time it has been a few weeks since the announcement of the £1 million prizes, and yet no one has come forward.

The winning code for this particular game is XZZF 28583 and the lottery officials are insisting players check for this code.

The lottery official is frantically looking for the mystery winner of the £1 million, as it is a big burden on them. Andy Carter, the senior winner’s Advisor at Camelot expressed how desperate they were to unite the winner with their prize. The amount is a huge one that could have a significant impact on someone’s life.

The lottery is repeatedly advising players to check their old EuroMillions tickets because sometimes players tend to forget having participated. All those players who bought tickets in Hertfordshire should be more vigilant and alert. You might have forgotten it in your car’s dashboard or maybe it is under that sofa of yours or in one of your pockets. This is the time to act and search for your tickets, who knows you might be the lucky winner.  Some other common places to check for forgotten tickets are wallets or under car mats.

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, the National lottery urges lottery players to use the official website of the lottery to check tickets. One should avoid going out unnecessarily as much as possible, therefore it is advisable to download the national lottery app. Playing online is very easy as then winners are automatically alerted through an email.

However, if you want to check tickets in retail lines then the government guidelines on the prevention of Covid-19 spread must be followed.

The winner still has time to come forward and rightfully claim what is theirs, however, the claim will be valid till 24 October.

Players who genuinely believe that they might be the winners but have lost their tickets can also make a claim. Such a claim must be made to Camelot in writing and within thirty days of the draw.