Florida Lotto Jackpot Ticket worth $28 Million Sold in Davie

Florida Lotto Jackpot Ticket worth $28 Million Sold in Davie

The Florida Lottery is extremely glad that it is going to make one of the largest announcements of the year so far about a multi-million dollar win. The lottery officials have revealed that a single ticket powered by the Florida Lottery has managed to win a huge prize to a lucky player.

The lottery team has confirmed that the player is a resident of Davie as the ticket has been purchased from this area. However, the winner is yet to reveal his/her identity and show up at the lottery office to pick up the prize money.

The officials are now anxious to meet and greet the multi-million dollar player and hand him over his prize money of $28 million.


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The player has reportedly won the jackpot prize from the Florida Lotto, which is worth a whopping $28 million. The reports reveal that the player who purchased the ticket went for the Quick Pick option, instead of choosing the numbers manually on the ticket.

The ticket for the Florida Lotto purchased by the player was for the draw that was held on Saturday, March 27, 2021. From Saturday’s draw, the numbers that were taken out were 53-52-29-25-17-09.

The player from Davie was lucky enough to have matched all six numbers and is now a multi-million dollar personality in the city.

The store where the player has reportedly purchased the $28 million dollars prize-winning ticket from is Griffin 441 Shell. The particular store is located at 4801 South State Road 7, Davie.

The store staff is very excited as well when they were informed that they will also be receiving a bonus commission of $100,000 for selling the million-dollar prize-winning ticket.

As per Florida Lotto’s game policy, the players have a time period of 180 days in order to turn up and claim the prize money before the prize money expires, and gets sent over to charitable causes.

At Florida Lottery, the winners are offered two options and they can choose either one of them to claim their prize money. The first option is to go ahead and receive the prize money through annuity installments. This way, the players continue receiving a certain portion of the prize money on an annual basis until the entire amount has been paid in full.

On the other hand, the players can choose to go for the one-time lump sum, meaning that they can receive the entire amount in one go. The players then receive their money in full once the federal tax deductions, as well as the state tax deductions, have been made.

However, in order for the players to claim their prize money through a one-time lump sum, they need to file the request within the first 60-days of the draw.