Florida Lotto Player from Broward County Wins $1.15 Million

Florida Lotto Player from Broward County Wins $1.15 Million

The Florida Lotto is back for sharing an exciting story of a lucky player from Broward County. The lottery has revealed that the player was the luckiest as he ended up winning more than a million. The lottery officials have confirmed that the name of the prize winner is Lance Rigby, who is a 52-year-old resident from Miramar.

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The FL Lotto team has revealed that the player had opted for the Jackpot Triple Play game. Jackpot Triple Play game is one of the most popular games powered by the Florida Lotto that the people from Florida love to play.

The lottery team has revealed that the draw for the Jackpot Triple Play lottery game was held on February 23, 2021. For Rigby, participation in this particular game proved to be the luckiest call that he ever made, which brought him a prize jackpot of $1.15 million.

The FL Lotto operator confirmed that the winner had securely submitted his $1.15 million prize-winning Jackpot Triple Play ticket at the Miami District office dropbox.

As always, Rigby offered two options in order to claim the prize. The first option that the player had was to collect the money on an annual basis that was the annuity prize claim. The other option was going with the one-time lump sum payment to collect the prize from the Jackpot Triple Play game in one-go.

Rigby decided to go with the latter option and took home a total of $932,527.73 after federal and state tax deductions.

The FL Lotto has also confirmed the details about the store that sold the million-dollar prize-winning Jackpot Triple Ticket to the player. The name of the store that sold the lucky ticket to Rigby is Fresco y Mas, which is a local spot that Rigby visits to purchase lottery tickets.

The particular Fresco y Mas store is located at 5850 Northwest 183rd Street in Miami city. As per the lottery officials, the owner of the Fresco y Mas store is also going to receive a $1,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

As for the winner, Rigby had finally noticed that he had a million-dollar prize-winning ticket in his possession. While talking to the officials at Florida Lotto, Rigby stated that this win has completely changed the way that he was going to spend the rest of his career before he retired.

The player stated that he was currently doing two jobs in order to make as much money as he could before he got retired. However, this win has come as a blessing for him and now he can leave the other job and spend a normal and less hectic life.