How To Play The Thunderball Lottery Online

How To Play The Thunderball Lottery Online

Thunderball – The UK’s National Lottery – A Popular Lottery Game For Millions

Here is a short explanation of How to play the Thunderball game online with Lottery Heroes and information about the winning odds.

Twice a week—every Wednesday and Saturday—the lotto game offers big jackpot prizes to players.

The Rules Are Simple

Choose five numbers between one and 34 plus an extra number (called the Thunderball number) between one and 14.

The Grand Thunderball Price Is £250,000

In a case where there is more than one winner, everyone gets a share of the jackpot in the official lottery game. That’s what makes the Thunderball such a popular game. Playing the lottery online may seem different than buying a physical ticket. Still, the odds of winning the Thunderball lottery are pretty decent.

In the very beginning, when Thunderball was announced as a lottery game, there was only one draw at the end of the week. Over time, the lotto game gathered such significant interest that Tuesday was announced as an additional drawing day.

Lottery Fans Can Buy Thunderball Tickets Online from

Here are some simple rules on how to play the game!

  1. Go to the Thunderball lottery page on and choose your five numbers manually or with the auto select option.
  2. Choose the number of lines (number of tickets).
  3. Don’t forget to use the free line, which will increase your winning chances.
  4. Purchase your bet by depositing a minimum amount of 20 EUR.
  5. The next and most important step: wait for the drawing results.

You can check the Lottery Heroes result page or visit the official lottery page, where the results are published right after the official draw.

Important Thunderball Facts

The Thunderball draw is comprised of a combination of different numbers. They can serve as both main numbers and as the Thunderball number. If you choose the auto selection, random numbers will be picked for you (different numbers for each line) as part of your virtual bet.

The official Thunderball lottery offers extra prizes, which definitely increase your winning chances.

The easiest and quickest way to play the Thunderball lottery is through an online platform like LotteryHeroes.

Don’t waste time on buying physical tickets; it has never been easier to participate in the world’s most popular lotteries.

Register for a free account now and place a Thunderball bet!