How to Play Euromillions Online in South Africa (Europe Euromillions Lottery Online)

How to Play Euromillions Online in South Africa (Europe Euromillions Lottery Online)

Europe Euromillions Online Tickets

The European Euromillions lotto holds two draws per week on Tuesdays and Fridays and has a starting jackpot prize of at least €10 million and has rolled over to a record of €200 Million recently. With Lottery Heroes you can play Euromillions online from anywhere in the world!

You Don’t Need A Cousin In Europe – You Can Play Euromillions Online In South Africa!

Play Euromilions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Euromilions Online – Lottery Heroes

Everything That You Need to Know about Euromillions

The Euromillions is one of Europe’s biggest lotteries, with prizes going in the millions. Heavily inspired by the US Powerball, it is a great lottery to get into. But if you don’t know where to start with the Euromillions, then you have come to right place.  Here we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about one of Europe’s biggest lotteries.

Euromillions History

The Euromillions is a fairly recent lottery, holding its first draw in Paris on 13th October, 2004. Initially there were only three countries participating in the lottery: France, Spain, and the UK. Of course, eventually other countries also joined in a few months. By the 8th of October 2004, lotteries from Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, and Luxemburg all joined the Euromillions.

Since the 2004, the lotteries of all the aforementioned countries joined together to draw the lottery twice every week. After the Euromillions started, various countries introduced special charges and offers to their citizens. Ireland offered “Plus,” which added an extra €1.00 to each line.

France, on the other hand, began to offer “My Million.” The My Million program added an extra €0.30 to the overall cost of each line, bringing the price up by €2.50.

As for the UK, the price for playing there increased over the years gradually. The price started out at £1.00 and eventually rose to £1.50, and then £2.00. Finally, in 2016, the price for a ticket rose to £2.50, which is also the same time that Spain and Ireland rose their prices.

Draw Days and Time

The Euromillions has a draw twice every week. The first draw is on a Tuesday and the second one is on a Friday. On both days the Euromillions announces the results of the lottery at 9:45PM CET. the draw days do not change and stay the same throughout the year.

Even when it is time for the special or event draws, the time for the draw will be the same. Special draws will also occur on the same days as regular draws without any exceptions.

Play Euromilions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Euromilions Online – Lottery Heroes

Special or Unique Draws

The Euromillions also has special and event draws for its customers. Both the Event and Special draws for Euromillions are quite exciting, but are few and far between.

The Event draw is a lottery with a determined amount in it set for anyone to win. However, if no one wins the jackpot, it will trickle down the ladder distributing the money to each of the different winners. Therefore, you will often find that there are more winners in an even draw. None, of the money rolls over from an Event draw. There have only been a handful of Event draws from Euromillions over the years. Only four event draws have occurred between 2007 and 2008.

On the other hand, there are special draws that are very different from Event draws. For starters, special draws have a rollover if no one wins the jackpot prize. Each time that no one wins the jackpot, the overall price will increase by the amount of tickets sold. It can go as high as €190 million, and by that point it will stop increasing.

Euromillions will calculate the amount by taking money from their Super draw fund and adding it to the current jackpot. So if the current jackpot has reached a total of €80 million and the fund has €100 million, the total for the Super draw will be €180 million.

Record Jackpots

There have been some incredible jackpot records throughout the years. In 2014 an anonymous player from Portugal won the full jackpot of €190 million. They became one of the handful of people to win the complete jackpot prize. Another notable people to win the jackpot include Dave and Angela Dawes in 2011 who managed to win €117 million.

Rules and Regulations

If you have played the US Powerball Lotto, then you will find the Euromillions to be very familiar. They use most of the same rules but with a few changes as to cater to the millions of people playing the lottery.

How the Euromillions Works

In order to play the Euromillions, you will first have to buy their ticket which will have seven lucky numbers and two lucky star numbers. The lucky numbers that you choose will be between 1 and 50, whereas your lucky star numbers can be between 1 and 12. When you choose you lucky numbers, all you have to do is wait for the draw.

While the lucky numbers have remained the same since the beginning, the number of lucky stars has changed. Initially, the lucky star number that you can choose from was between 1 and 9.  In 2011, the number of lucky stars to choose from increased to 11, and finally to 12 in 2016. So now you can choose between 12 different lucky stars, instead of the initial 9.

They will draw on a Tuesday or a Friday at 9:45PM CET. However, you will have to wait till 11:00PM CET before you can see the actual results. Moreover, the Euromillions does not have any restrictions on people who play, as long as they meet the age requirements.

Play Euromilions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Euromilions Online – Lottery Heroes

Buying the Tickets

You can buy the tickets a few hours before the designated draw time. As for where you can buy the tickets from, you can often find them in convenience stores and local retailers. You can also find your tickets online throughout various websites. When buying the tickets you also have the option of choosing your numbers yourself or letting the random number generator choose for you.

Most people prefer choosing their lucky numbers, which makes them feel much better about the lottery ticket that they are buying.

Statistics and odds of winning the Euromillions

Despite being a transnational lottery, the Euromillions has quite decent odds. When aiming at the jackpot, you have 1 in 139,838,160 odds of winning the lottery. Compared to other lotteries, it is considerably lower. The stats of winning some of the lower prizes of the Euromillions are also considerably higher.

Prizes for the Euromillions

The prizes for the euro millions are split across various categories. Individuals that fit those categories will win a certain amount from the lottery. Below you will find a list of all the different prizes that you can win when playing the euro millions.

The prizes differ depending on the overall size of the jackpot, but people have a general idea of what you might get when you win. Of course, in order to win the prize you will have to meet its requirements. And if you want to win the jackpot, you will have to get all five regular numbers and both lucky star numbers. If you get the numbers that coincide with the similar prize you will win it.

Starting Jackpot Prize

As of a rule change in 2016 the starting prize for the jackpot is €17 million. It was initially €12 million, but soon changed as the board though it was quite less. The €17 million does increase significantly before the draw.

Different Prize Groups

There are multiple prize groups for the different combinations of numbers and stars that you can get. These prize groups include:

  1. 2 main numbers + 0 lucky stars = €4
  2. 2 main numbers + 1 lucky stars = €6
  3. 1 main numbers + 2 lucky stars = €7
  4. 3 main numbers + 0 lucky stars = €9
  5. 3 main numbers + 1 lucky stars = €11
  6. 2 main numbers + 2 lucky stars = €14
  7. 4 main numbers + 0 lucky stars = €39
  8. 3 main numbers + 2 lucky stars = €57
  9. 4 main numbers + 1 lucky stars = €120
  10. 4 main numbers + 2 lucky stars = €1,299
  11. 5 main numbers + 0 lucky stars = €20,851
  12. 5 main numbers + 1 lucky stars = €200,738
  13. 5 main numbers + 2 lucky stars = jackpot

These are all expected values and can change depending on the jackpot of the Euromillions at the time. Of course, it is important to mention that there are no prize multipliers in the Euromillions. In fact, there are no price modifiers of any kind that you can find in this particular lottery. You will win any of the above mentioned categories if your main numbers and lucky stars match.

Play Euromilions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Euromilions Online – Lottery Heroes

Rollovers and how they work with Euromillions

Rollovers are a natural part of the game, where the jackpot of the previous Euromillions transfers over to the next one. That said, there is a limit to how many times it can transfer to a new Euromillions lottery. The lottery limit is at €190 million, which can still roll over to a new lottery up to five times. When no one is able to win the lottery, the jackpot trickles down to other winners.

Winning with

When playing with, you don’t have to worry about anything. The first concern that many people have about playing the lottery through a website is where their money will go if they win. Well you don’t have to worry about that when playing with

Getting your Winnings

Getting your winnings with lottery heroes is very simple. If you happen to win a lottery, the team at will credit your lotteryheroes account with the winnings. If the winnings are less than €50,000, they will come into your account directly. However, if you happen to win a jackpot, they wil first conduct a few background checks before sending you the money.

These background checks will not take much time, a few weeks at most. After the checks, you will receive a call about what you would like to do with your winnings. They will also refer to you the best course of action to take in regards to your winnings.

The few weeks that they take are to ensure that your claim to the prize is valid. They will cross check the purchase of the lines as well as your account. There are various other steps that they will take when checking if you are the rightful winner. And when they come to a conclusion, they will contact you about options for how you would like to receive your money. depending on your answer, you will then be able to access the funds.

Checking If You Win

When playing Euromillions through, you will automatically receive a notification about your winnings. But if you want to get into the spirit of playing the lottery, then you can check the results yourself. The results are available to see from the Euromillions main page on the results for the Euromillions will be available to see at 11:00PM CET.

How to play with

Playing with is very easy. Simply go to the website and choose the lottery that you want. In this case, that would be the Euromillions lottery. Once you go there, you can find the lines on the front page. You can also buy more lines if you are looking to improve your odds.

When you decide how many lines you want, now you can decide your numbers. Choose your two lucky star numbers and choose your five regular numbers. Then finally you buy them and your name goes into the lottery.

You can also go into the syndicate options from here, or check the results of past Euromillions draws.

Can You Win Prizes from South Africa?

One of the benefits of playing the lottery online is that you rarely have any geo-restrictions. You can live in any part of the world and still play the Euromillions without any worries. The only restrictions of playing the Euromillions is that they must be over the age of 18 in order to play. And since the minimum age requirement on is 18, you can easily play Euromillions.

All that you will need to play is create an account and add some money to it. Then from there you can choose your Euromillions lines and numbers for each line.

One important thing to remember about playing Euromillions online is that the tax laws will still apply to you. Since you will win online, Paris’s lottery tax rules will apply to you if you win. So a large portion of your winnings will go to taxes. It can be hard to keep track of something like this, so it is best to make a reminder.

Play Euromilions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Euromilions Online – Lottery Heroes

Winning the Euromillions online

As we mentioned earlier, the odds of winning the jackpot for the Euromillions is quite reasonable. The odds of winning are 1 in 139,838,160. They use a five main number and two special number index to create these odds.

While the odds of winning the jackpot is very low, the probability of you winning other prize categories is considerably higher. In the categories that we mentioned, the odds of winning the prize category seven or 8 is 1 in 13,000 and 1 in 14,000 respectively. Therefore, as the prize gets higher, the lower the odds become of winning. But that’s what makes winning all the more exciting; beating all the odds to finally win.

Jackpot Winners – Lump sum or Annuity

It is best to decide what you want to do with your money in the event that you win the lottery. However, how you are going to take out your money is just as important. You will have two options when receiving your money: annuity or lump sum. The lump sum payment seems like a very enticing option as you instantly have access to a large amount of money.

But if you are confused over what to choose, maybe seeing the route that other winners chose may help. Almost every other person who has won the lottery has taken the lump sum offer than the annuity one. Even though the money in a lump sum is significantly lower than that of the annuity, winners still choose it over annuity.

If you happen to choose the annuity option, you will receive payments every month. You will continue to receive this payment over the course of two or three decades. But if you feel like the annuity option suits you better, then you can still go for it.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning through a Syndicate

One of the best things that you can do when you play the lottery online is joining a syndicate. And we promise joining a syndicate is much less sinister than it seems.

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is essentially a group of individuals who are also looking to play the lottery. But, since the odds of one person winning the lottery is so low, these people party up. Together they are able to buy considerably more lines to improve their odds. These groups of people partying up to win the lottery is a syndicate.

It is completely legal to join a syndicate, but you should be careful of ones that could be scams. These individuals will often ask your personal questions and might try to coerce you into buying more shares. A scam like this will take your money from you and may not even put it into the lottery. Therefore, you should always choose syndicates that you would find on a verified online lottery store like

No one controls these syndicates, and they are in direct control of the site. Therefore, the shares that you buy for this syndicate are going into the lottery you want. More importantly, if the syndicate wins the Euromillions, they will distribute the money equally among the members.

The Shares in a Syndicate

The shares in a syndicate work similarly to that of shares in a company. The more shares an individual have, the higher their returns. So if you have the majority of the shares in a syndicate, you will get a bigger piece of the lottery winnings pie. Simply put, if the syndicate that you have invested in wins the lottery, you will get a bigger chunk of the winnings.

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Summing Up

Playing the lottery can be very fun, and a good way to let loose. However, it is good to remember some of the things that we mentioned earlier. When playing, always choose to play with a syndicate rather than alone, as you have a higher chance of winning. You should also be check the results of the lottery yourself, as you will be able to see what prize you win.

Try to keep the rules of the lottery in mind as well, since some of them can have nuances in them. But most importantly, try to have fun when you are playing the lottery. Because if you aren’t having fun playing the lottery, then what is the point?

Play Euromilions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Euromilions Online – Lottery Heroes