How to Play Mega Millions Online in South Africa

How to Play Mega Millions Online in South Africa

You Don’t Need a Cousin in America – You Can Play Mega Millions Online In South Africa!

The lottery has grown immensely over the years. From its humble beginnings as a simple activity to help pass the time, it is now a major spectacle. People line up for hours at the chance to win the lottery, and wait impatiently to find out if they won or not. And one of the biggest lotteries that you can play in the United States is the US Mega Millions. But if you don’t anything about the US Mega Millions, you have come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the US Mega Millions.

Play Mega Millions Online - Lottery Heroes
Play Mega Millions Online – Lottery Heroes

Mega Millions History

The US Mega Millions started back in the 90s under the name “The Big Game.” It was still quite a large lottery, with their lines available within Virginia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, and Georgia. Between 1996 and 2002, these were the only states that participated in the lottery.

The two individuals who designed the lottery were Desiree Rogers and Bill Martin – Illinois Lottery Director and Michigan Lottery Commissioner respectively. During the early days of the Mega Millions, there would only be a single draw every week.

In 2002, New York and Ohio joined the consortium, changing the name to The Big Game Mega Millions. The first draw under the new name occurred a few days after on May 17. The big golden ball was a staple of the brand, and continues to stay a part of the logo today.


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During the Big Game days, there would only be one draw day every week. Due to the fewer players, they would need more time to gather up a substantial amount of money. Of course, now the situation is very different.

With up to 47 states participating in the Mega Millions, there are now two draw days instead of just one. Every week on Tuesday and Friday they will draw to see who the lucky winner is. The draw happens at 11:00PM ET on Tuesday and Friday. You can catch the drawing live on TV, or a little while later one various websites.

The drawings are pretty hard to miss, as you can even find out about the results on social media. Especially if you have friends who are just as excited about the lottery as you are.

Special Draws

Unlike other lotteries around the world, there are no special draws for the US Mega Millions. Although they have a history of hosting special jackpots throughout the year, it is not a common thing. In 2018, they did hold a special Christmas Mega Millions draw on the 25th December, Tuesday. However, the following year 2019 did not hold the special Christmas draw.

There chances for them to hold a special draw in 2020, as the 25th is on a Friday. Other than that one event, there are now other special draws by the US Mega Millions. But you never know they might just surprise you with a special draw someday soon.

You can also play a specific mega millions ticket called just the jackpot. Here you will get two sets of numbers at a chance to win the lottery. Of course, as the name implies, you do not qualify for any other prize even if your number matches. If you lose you shot at winning the jackpot, that is it for you. As far as special draws go, this is the closest thing that the US Mega Millions has to one.

Record Jackpots

The US Mega Millions has held some of the biggest jackpots in history. One particular jackpot that you must have heard of is their famous $1.537 billion win. This is the biggest win of any lottery in both annuity and lump sum.

Their second largest win came among three lucky winners who collectively won $656 million. This is the third largest lottery win in the world. Each of the different winners remained anonymous, and took the lump sum option. Therefore, taking home over $400 million collectively.

Other record jackpots include $648 million and $543 million in 2013 and 2018 respectively. These are just a few of the most notable wins they have acquired over the years, ensuring each time that a winner wins, they are taking at least $300 million with them in cash.


The rules to the US Mega Millions are very simple, especially if this isn’t your first rodeo. You will feel right at home, as the Mega Millions also uses a dual ball system to decide the winner. But where the US Powerball Lotto uses the Powerball as its secondary ball, the Mega Millions use a golden ball.

How does the US Mega Millions work?

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The Mega Millions works very similarly to most other dual ball lotteries. There are two types of numbers to choose from. The first type is the normal numbers and the second type of numbers is the special numbers. So to play the Mega Millions, you will have to choose five normal numbers and one special number.

You can choose five different numbers between 1 and 70. Conversely, you can choose the special number between 1 and 25. Once you choose the numbers for you line, all you need to do is wait until the next draw.

Of course, you can also buy multiple lines to increase your chances of winning. Each line that you buy for the lottery will have six dedicated slots: five for the normal numbers and one for the special number.

Buying Tickets to Play

Buying the tickets for the lottery is pretty easy. You can buy the tickets for the US Mega Millions from your local convenience stores and local retailers if you are in the USA. Moreover, you can also buy these tickets online through websites like online from South Africa.

While buying tickets is certainly easy, there is a limit till when you can buy your tickets. You can buy tickets an hour before the draw in certain jurisdictions. In other jurisdictions, the last time that you can buy a ticket for the lottery is two hours before they draw.

Another important thing that you should know about the US Mega Millions is that you cannot buy tickets in advance. If the draw is on Friday, then you cannot get tickets for the draw on Tuesday. All the tickets that you buy will be for the following draw and not the draw after that.

However, you can choose to do multiple draws with the same combination of numbers if you play the lottery online.

What Are Your Odds of Winning

The best way to look at your odds is not the odds that you have of winning, rather each ticket’s odds of winning. Each ticket has a 1 in 302,575,350 to win the jackpot. Now granted that is very low, but you can increase your odds in a few ways.

You can increase your odds by buying more than one ticket, or by partnering up with someone. While buying more tickets can increase your chances slightly, you can further improve your chances by teaming up with someone. By teaming up with a friend, you can significantly increase your odds without increasing the cost of playing.


The prizes for the Mega Millions depend significantly on the type of draw you are playing. If you are playing the regular draw, you can win different prizes depending on the combinations you get. If you don’t understand, don’t worry we will go over it in a second. Conversely, if you are not playing the regular draw but instead the “Just the Jackpot” draw, you will not get anything. You do not qualify for the other prizes if you bought the “Just the Jackpot” ticket.

The Different Prizes That You Can Win

When playing the lottery, not everyone is at a total loss. In fact, you can still win a substantial amount even if you don’t get all the numbers for the jackpot. Here are all of the different categories for prizes:

  • 0 regular numbers + Mega Ball = $2
  • 1 regular numbers + Mega Ball = $4
  • 2 regular numbers + Mega Ball = $10
  • 3 regular numbers + no Mega Ball = $10
  • 3 regular numbers + Mega Ball = $200
  • 4 regular numbers + no Mega Ball = $500
  • 4 regular numbers + Mega Ball = $10,000
  • 5 regular numbers + no Mega Ball = $1,000,000
  • 5 regular numbers + Mega Ball = jackpot

These are all of the different prize categories. So say if you find four regular numbers but no Mega Ball, you will win $500.

The Megaplier

The Megaplier is the US Mega Millions version of a multiplier that can significantly increase the prizes that you win. That being said, there are a few exceptions to this rule; namely that of the jackpot. If you win the jackpot, the Megaplier does not apply to you. Similarly, if you happen to win category eight of the prizes, the Megaplier will apply to you, but not fully. The five normal + no Mega Ball prize does increase, but it only doubles. So even if there were a 5x Megaplier on the draw, your amount would only double.

As for the rest of the prize groups, the Megaplier will work with them as intended. If you win $500 through category six, that will increase to $2,500 with the multiplier. Therefore, playing the lottery can still net you a considerable amount, even if you don’t win the jackpot.

Minimum Jackpot Prize and Rollovers

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Starting jackpot prize has changed significantly over the past few years. Currently it is sitting at $20 million due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But as soon as the pandemic ends, the starting prize will jump back up to its original $40 million. As more people take part in the lottery, the higher the jackpot prize will rise.

As for rollovers, The Mega Millions rollover their jackpot prize to the next draw until they find a winner indefinitely. Simply put, the jackpot will increase by $2 million as well as the number of tickets sold, every time that there is no winner. And this will continue to happen until they find a winner, even if that takes weeks or months.

Winning prizes on is your one stop shop to all your lottery needs. If there is a lottery that you want to play, chances are that you can find it here. Nevertheless, you might be worried about your winnings. What will happen to the money if you win online through Well, to give you a simple answer, they will come back to you.

Where Do Your Winnings Go?

When you start off at, you will be making an account, which will hold your money. You will be using the money in your account to make various purchases throughout the site. And if you happen to win anything through your lotteries, it will go directly into your account. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of money that can go into your account at once.

Winning less than €50,000 will go into your account without a hitch. On the other hand, any winnings over that amount will take some time before coming into your account. A team will first conduct a proper search to verify if you really won the money. After the quick search they will contact you and ask what you would like to do with your funds. Specifically, where would you like your funds to go?

Checking the Results

When playing the US Mega Millions with, you will often get a notification if you win a substantial amount. But if you want to get into the lottery spirit, you can check the results on the same page where will be buying the lines for US Mega Million.

Can You Win Prizes From South Africa?

Even though the US Mega Millions is a lottery in the United States, you can still play it online from a different country. Through, you can easily play and win the lottery of your choice. You can even play the Mega Millions and win the jackpot from a different country through

All you need to do is make an account in which you will add money. You will also be making all of your purchases through this account. So if you happen to win anything, it will directly go into this account. But if you win more than €50,000, it may take some time before you can get your money.

The Right Option To Choose When You Win

It is important to think about what you will do with the money when you win. However, it is more important to know how you will be taking the money if you win. You will have towo options right out the gate, lump sum and annuity. Each option has its pros and cons.

The annuity option will split your money into monthly payments that you will receive over the course of two or three decades. Then there is the lump sum payment, where you will be taking the cash all at once. When you take lump sum, taxes and other duties will apply on your amount. So you will receive a significantly reduced amount from initially advertised.

If you can’t decide which option to choose, then maybe looking at what other winners did might help. All the previous winners of the Mega Millions have opted for a lump sum cash pout rather than an annuity payment. The person who won over $1.5 billion immediately opted for the lump sum payment. Other winners also opted for the lump sum payment.

How to Win the Mega Millions Prize Jackpot Online From South Africa?

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Winning the jackpot online is all about choosing the right numbers and waiting for the results to come out. Of course, this is what most people think happens when you buy a ticket for the lottery. Instead, you can improve your odds by playing with a friend or by joining a syndicate. With the help of these small tricks, you can greatly improve your odds of winning.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning with a Syndicate

Remember when we were talking about different ways you can improve your odds of winning? Well, joining a syndicate is one of the best ways that you can almost instantly improve your odds of winning. If the idea of joining a syndicate is not appealing to you yet, that’s because the name is a lot more sinister than it seems.

We mentioned earlier that you can buddy up and split the burden of buying tickets to increase your odds. Well, syndicates are very much like that, with the only difference being that there are a lot more members. You and various other individuals will join a syndicate to improve their odds of winning. The cost of buying the tickets spreads among the members, as well as the jackpot prizes.

When you join a syndicate, you not only improve your odds of winning, but you do so at a significantly reduced cost.

What Are Shares In A Syndicate?

Even if you want to join a syndicate, you might feel a little hesitant since you don’t know much about it. Well, joining a syndicate is very easy. All you have to do is choose your shares, pay for them, and let do the work for you. They will automatically check the results and, if you choose the option, pay your share every month.

These shares are essentially the amount that you invest into a syndicate. So the more shares that you have, the more you will have to pay all together. However, you also get a significantly bigger chunk of the jackpot if your syndicate wins.

Lottery Combos on

One of the best things about is that you can play lottery combos on it. Lottery combos are essentially different types of lotteries mixed together. So instead of individually choosing different lotteries to play, you can instead just play a lottery combo.

These combos can hold lotteries that are very similar to each other. Or you can look up combos on that have the Mega Millions in them along with others. This can give you a very diverse playing experience. Other than finding different types lotteries that are the same, combos greatly reduce the tedium of signing up to each of them.

Playing Lottery Games Online From South Africa

While the Mega Millions is one of the best lotteries out there, you can still find others. There are hundreds of different lotteries that you can play with And since you don’t have to worry about geo restrictions, you can play lotteries from any country you want. You can check the results online for all of the lotteries that you have bought tickets for. And if you happen to win, you will receive notifications about your prize and which lottery you won from.

Summing up

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The Mega Millions is one of the biggest lotteries in the world, easily surpassing hundreds of millions of dollars every few weeks. But other than their massive payout, they have a ticket system that is very similar to most lotteries. Therefore, when you start, you will feel right at home.

Playing the lottery can be very fun, especially when you are playing responsibly. When playing the lottery, you will have to ensure that you don’t spend too much money at once. More importantly, ensure that you are choosing your syndicates carefully, and are not buying too many shares. Buying too many shares in a syndicate can lead really build up the costs.

Moreover, make sure that you provide all of the correct information when making an account, so there are no future problems. When playing with there are a lot of ways that you can enjoy the lottery. From playing online to playing with a community or syndicate, there is no shortage of fun ways to enjoy lottery.