How to Play New York Lottery Online In South Africa

How to Play New York Lottery Online In South Africa

New York Lottery Online Tickets

The New York Lotto holds two draws per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and has a starting jackpot prize of at least $2,000,000 and has rolled over to a record of $65,000,000 in the past. With Lottery Heroes you can play New York Lotto online from anywhere in the world!

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Everything That You Need To Know About the New York Lottery

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You might have heard of all the different people that have won the lottery over the years. These people managed to change their lives in an instant, with a lucky combination of numbers. So are you ready to test your luck and see if you can change your life as well? You can start by playing a lottery that has been around for some time, the New York Lotto.

Here is everything that you need to know about the New York Lotto and how it works.


All great lotteries start somewhere. And for the New York Lotto, that somewhere is New York City in 1966. This year, Government-run lotteries were officially legal as per a constitutional amendment. New Yorkers voted for this amendment, as gambling and betting of all sorts were illegal in the US. The referendum passed with more than 60% of people voting in favor of the amendment.

Following the win on the referendum, the New York Legislature began taking steps to make the new government run lottery possible. The New York Legislature managed to create a new Lottery Commission in the Department of Taxation and Finance.

With intent to generate money for education, the New York Lottery finally began in 1967. Since its initial start, they have been able to generate almost $34 billion. But not everything was perfect throughout its run, as the Governor at the time – Hugh Carey – had to suspend sales.

This suspension of sales came due to a scandal where unsold tickets were winning prizes between 1975 and 1976. However, this was not the last time that they would face an issue like this. In 1986, state Employees took home over $40,000 by manipulating the mail in votes.

Draw Days and Time

To get your chance at winning the lottery, you will first have to buy the ticket. And when you buy the ticket, you will have to wait for the draw to find out if you won or not. This draw day can be pretty close or far depending on the lottery you are playing.

Some lotteries will have one draw day every week, and other will have two a week. Those are two of the most common types of lottery draw days that you can find. On the other hand, some lotteries will hold three draw days a week, with some going even further by doing four draws every week.

The New York Lottery falls into the former category, as it only has two draw days. They will announce the results every Wednesday and Saturday, giving their participants enough time to buy tickets for the next draw.

Lotteries will also have a different starting time compared to others. Nevertheless, all of them usually start after 7:00PM well into the night. The draw itself for the New York Lottery will take place on 8:15PM Eastern Time. Therefore, you will be finding out your results after this time.

Special Draws throughout the Year

A nice addition to most regular lotteries is that of a special one. These special lotteries are scarce in their availability and do not have many draws. They will usually only have a few draws throughout the year, or sometimes even one draw a year. While it is certainly a great tool to bring people in to playing, they are not easy to manage. So in order to keep things simple, most lotteries do not offer a special draw.

The New York Lotto is also one of the latter mentioned lotteries. They do not have a special lottery throughout the year, and a major reason for that are their rollovers.

Record Jackpots

One of the first jackpot winners of the New York Lottery was Lou Eisenberg. He managed to win up to $5 million in 1981; that is over $14 million when adjusted for inflation. Of course, as more people started to play the lottery, they bought more tickets, and eventually the jackpots began to rise.

The biggest NY Lotto jackpot win came in 1991, almost 10 years after the first big win. However, the amount this time was significantly higher than the first win. A group of nine people managed to win over $90 million in total, with each person walking away with $10 million.

Although this was certainly the biggest jackpot win, it was not the biggest individual win. That title goes to Degli Martinez, who was able to win $65 million in June of 2007.

Rules and How You Will Play

Lotteries are not very difficult to play and are generally very easy to understand, which is by design. When people play the lottery, the last thing that they want to do is think about the complexities of playing. They just want to win; therefore the path to winning any lottery is always very easy.

Another benefit of lotteries being very easy to play is that you will be able to play any lottery you want. All lotteries follow a set of rules that make them easy to play. But they also have some unique features that can change up the playing experience. The New York Lottery is also very similar in this way, as it also follows fundamental rules and changes up a few things.

How to Play

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All lotteries follow a set of fundamental rules. To play the lottery, participants will first have to buy a ticket. This ticket will have a set sequence of numbers on it that you can choose, creating a unique sequence. After buying the ticket, the participant will wait for the draw, where the lottery will announce the winning numbers. If the winning numbers and your ticket numbers match, you will win the lottery.

The differences in the New York Lotto start with the tickets. This particular lottery is a 6/59 draw, which means that you will choose 6 unique numbers between 1 and 59. Since each number you select has to be unique, you cannot select the same number twice. Furthermore, it does not matter in what order you select your numbers, they will always appear in ascending order on your ticket.

However, if you are buying multiple tickets or you don’t want to choose six unique numbers for your ticket, you can always randomize your numbers. Almost every seller offers you the ability to buy tickets with random numbers on them. This is good if you do not have any special connections to the numbers that you choose. Most people will choose numbers that remind them of a significant date, or any other unique sequence of numbers.

Announcing the Winner

Once the participants buy their ticket, the draw will commence. The draw is where they will announce the winning numbers. Check to see if your numbers match. But if they do not, you can still get prizes depending on the numbers you match.

Among many unique features, the New York Lottery has a bonus number as well. During every draw, they will draw six unique numbers along with a bonus number. This bonus number will have the same range as all of the other numbers, so you will not have to choose any different numbers for it. If you match five numbers along with the bonus number, you will qualify for the second prize.

When You Need to Buy Tickets before the Draw

If you don’t buy tickets for the lottery, you don’t get to win. This is quite simple, but complications can make it hard for people to buy tickets before the next draw. So if you could not buy the tickets before the draw, you can still buy them on the draw day. Every draw day has a cut off time, which allows you to buy tickets on the draw day. The cut off time for the draw is 8:10PM, just five minutes before the draw.

On the other hand, you can forgo buying tickets for each draw by simply buying your tickets in advance. With websites like, you can choose how many draws you would like to play for a certain draw. After choosing the lottery, the website will send in your tickets before every draw.

Statistics and Odds of Winning

Before starting a lottery, most people will do their research. This will include checking all the features, prizes, and jackpot records of a lottery. However, some people go a step further and check their odds of winning as well.

Although it is quite difficult to find a lottery with very good odds and very good prizes, you can find one or the other. Since bigger prizes attract more people lotteries that offer bigger prizes will naturally have much lower odds. But lotteries with smaller prizes will often have very good odds. The odds for playing the New York Lotto are quite good. Here are you chances of winning prizes.

  • Jackpot = 1 in 45,057,474
  • 2nd tier = 1 in 7,509,575
  • 3rd tier = 1 in 144,415
  • 4th tier = 1 in 2,180
  • 5th tier 1 in 96

Prizes That You Can Win

And now we move onto the main attraction for any lottery, the prizes. Prizes are the main reason that anyone plays the lottery in the first place. In fact, it is such a good motivator that people will often forgo most other factors of a lottery at a chance of winning the jackpot.

But other than the jackpot, the other prizes need to be good as well. These prizes ensure that people do not feel that playing the lottery was a waste of time. These smaller gifts have people coming back for more. The New York Lottery also has a lot of different prizes that you can win by matching the right numbers.

  • 6 Main Numbers = jackpot
  • 5 Main Numbers + Bonus Ball = $149,000
  • 5 Main Numbers = $1,133
  • 4 Main Numbers = $29
  • 3 Main Numbers = $1

You should know that these values are estimations. Therefore, the payout you receive can differ greatly.

Rollovers for the Win

A feature that is becoming very popular among most lottery players is the rollover. Rollovers are quite simple, as they essentially carry forward the winning of the previous draw to the next one. This jackpot will keep rolling over until someone wins the lottery or until the jackpot reaches a certain point. The limit for most jackpots is often a prize or rollover limit. As soon as the jackpot reaches that limit, it will stop rolling over. If no one still wins the final jackpot, the prize will go to the second winner.

The New York Lottery also has a rollover feature, where the jackpot will rollover infinitely unless someone wins. With each rollover the jackpot will increase by a base value of $300,000 as well as with ticket sales.

Prize Multipliers and Bonuses

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You will often find that most people offer some form of prize multipliers or bonuses for participants to use. These prize multipliers will increase your prizes by multiplying them to a certain value. So if you were originally winning $25,000 but with a 2x multiplier, your new winnings would be $50,000.

While this would certainly make for a very interesting draw, The New York Lotto does not have any multipliers. They do, however, have bonuses. The Bonus Ball is in every draw, and is for the second tier prize.

Starting Jackpot Prize  

Rollover based lotteries like the New York Lottery always start from somewhere. Their starting jackpot prize is often much lower, but does grow significantly. In the case of NY Lotto, their lottery starts at $2 million and goes up from there. Moreover, since the lottery does increase by $300,000 every rollover, the jackpot can quickly reach the tens of millions.

The starting prize of $2 million is just big enough to still bring in people to play. But more importantly, it is just small enough for to increase considerably with each rollover.

Winning a Prize Online At

Although people understand just how fun it can be to play the lottery online, they are just not comfortable with it. With the many reports of scams online, it can be very hard to trust a website when playing the lottery. And this also extends to the jackpot that people will receive after winning a lottery.

Luckily, the New York Lottery is a website that you can trust to with you money. This is usually the biggest complaint that people have in terms of playing online, and they can greatly reduce your anxiety with the help of the accounts that you will find online.

How Stores Your Winnings

Before you can even start playing the lotteries of your choice on, you will have to make an account. Other than opening the rest of the website to you, the account will also allow you to store your money. Through this account, you will be able to buy tickets and keep your winnings.

And when you want to retrieve those winnings at any time, you can do so by going to your account. You can also check the account to see all of the money that is in it.

Checking the Results

Throughout the website, you can check the results for each and every lottery there. You can check to see if you won the jackpot, or if you won anything at all. You can also check the results of other lotteries to see how well they are doing. People will often look at the results of lotteries before betting on them, as they are able to find out if it is worth their time. The results page will also show the winning numbers, which means that you can make up your own theories on how to win.

Winning Prizes From Anywhere In the World

While playing the lottery from home is certainly a benefit, being able to take your winnings without personally being there is also great. When playing through, you can play lotteries from around the world, and their winnings will go straight into your account.

And if the thought of differing currencies worries you, you don’t have to fret. All the winnings that come into your account will be in Euros, ensuring that you don’t have to concern yourself with all of the different currencies.

Taking Lump Sum or Annuity

You won the lottery, congratulations! You might be thinking about all of the great things that you will buy when you get your money. However, you will have to make one very important decision before that; annuity or lump sum payments. The NY Lotto offers both, so the decision is up to you.

Annuity will give you installments of your winnings over a long period of time, and the lump sum will give you all of your money at once. Other winners have also only taken their winnings in annuity. Every person in the biggest lottery win of NY Lotto received yearly payments of their winnings over 20 years.

Taxes on Your Winnings

Often times, lotteries will tax your winnings as per the regulations of a country. In the case of NY Lottery, lottery officials will deduct 8.82% of your winnings as taxes.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning through Syndicates

Everyone plays the lottery to win. But winning a lottery can be very hard, especially since there is no skill involved. The only way that you can increase your chances of winning is by getting more tickets. The more tickets you get, the higher chances you have of winning.

But buying a lot of tickets can get very expensive, and not make much of an effect on your odds. What you need is some way to increase your odds, but also reduce the cost. Lucky for you, this is exactly what syndicates do.

Syndicates are groups of people that come together to help improve their odds of winning. They will essentially put together their money and buy multiple tickets. A syndicate will also join the lottery as a single participant, allowing its members to have a better chance at winning.

Playing Lottery Games Online

Playing lottery games from the comfort of your home is an amazing feeling and is especially great with the second wave of lockdowns. You can play lottery games from anywhere in the world through You can play lotteries from anywhere in the world, or even lotteries in Europe.

But if you want something that rewards you a lot quicker, you can even play some of the other betting games at their disposal. You can play classics like blackjack or poker, which require the perfect combination of skill and luck. These games also give you instant rewards, compared to the long wait of the lotteries.


New York Lotto> Play New York Lottery Online NOW!

After years of banning betting and any form of gambling, New York finally thought about bringing in a state run lottery. And after almost a year, the first state run lottery by the name of New York Lottery came to be.

Over the years, the old 1967 lottery has seen many changes, especially to its odds and tickets. Today, you will have to choose six unique numbers to buy a ticket. Once you do buy a ticket, you will have to wait for the next draw before you can find out the results. The Draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:15PM Eastern Time.

Apart from drawing the main numbers they will also draw the Bonus Ball. The Bonus Ball will have the same numbers as the ones that you choose. So any numbers you have already chosen can match this ball. And if you match five main numbers with a Bonus Ball, you will win the second tier prize.

The New York Lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the country, and is one that makes many people rich. With an infinite rollover jackpot and a good base value for each rollover, the jackpot can track up considerably.