How to Play Powerball Online in South Africa (US Powerball Lottery Online)

How to Play Powerball Online in South Africa (US Powerball Lottery Online)

US Powerball Online Tickets

The US Powerball holds two draws per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and has a starting jackpot prize of at least €32,600,000 and has rolled over to a record of €1,227,817,500  (Over 1.2 Billion Euros) in the past. With Lottery Heroes you can play US Powerball online from anywhere in the world!

You Don’t Need A Cousin In America – You Can Play US Powerball Online In South Africa!

Lotteries have a rich History in the United States. Starting all the way back in the 1600s, they have become a spectacle to behold today. With major televised events where they announce the winner, the whole country comes alive when the biggest lotteries come out to announce their winners. And one of these massive lotteries is the US Powerball Lotto.

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History of the US Powerball Lotto

The US Powerball Lotto started back in 1992. It’s predecessor, Lotto America – another state wide lottery, started in 1988. The rules and the name both changed in April 1992, as a different type of lottery seemed more appealing to both parties.

The Powerball was the first lottery to used two drums when announcing the results. It was a revolutionary change that allowed the organizers to create better odds. This system proved to be so successful, that various other lotteries throughout the world also adopted it. The Eurojackpot, euromillions, Mega Millions, and the Thunderball in the US are just a few that use double drums.

Powerball Result History

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The Powerball has a rich history of lottery wins. One of the biggest lottery wins of all time came from three jackpot winners in 2016 January’s Powerball. The total winnings among the three jackpot winners was a total of $1.586 billion. Each couple amassed over 300 million in lump sum after taxes.

The second biggest win also came from the Powerball, with a total jackpot win of $758.6 million. There was a single jackpot winner in august 2017’s Powerball.

While these are certainly exceptions, there have been other lottery winners who have been able to become multi millionaires in a single day.

Powerball Draw Days and Time

The Powerball has two draws every week. There is one draw on Wednesdays and another on Saturdays. One both days they will hold they drawings at 10:59 pm E.T. there are no exceptions to this rule, as they have lottery draws twice every week.

Moreover, depending on the selling jurisdiction, the cut-off point can also vary significantly. They will often cut off sales one or two hours before they draw out the winner.

Are There Any Special Draws?

There are no special draws for the Powerball unlike some of its other monthly or yearly contemporaries. Every week they have two draws and that is about it. Other than that, they do not have any special draws.


The Powerball follows a set of rules that participants will have to follow. The rules for the Powerball lotto are very similar to most other lotteries with just a few minor differences.

How It Works

Participants will first have to choose their number. They can choose individual numbers for their five white balls. These balls can hold numbers between one and sixty nine. After choosing the white ball you will have to choose a red ball, with numbers between one and twenty six. A number that you choose for your white ball can be the same as your red ball.

The order that you choose your numbers is irrelevant, as the card will always display your numbers in ascending order. Finally, when you get your token, you will wait for the draw and see if you have become the jackpot winner.

Buying Tickets for the Draw


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Even though a draw occurs twice every week, there is plenty of time for participants to get their tokens. They can even get their tokens on the same day, just an hour or two before the draw. Therefore, anyone who wants to get in on the lottery can do so in enough time. Of course, this also greatly depends on the jurisdiction of where you are applying from.

In some places, the cut off time for applying is two hours before the draw, and in other places it is one hour before. In order to participate in the final draw, you will have to buy your tickets one hour before the cut off time. You can also buy your tickets online and choose the draw that you want.

Statistics and Odds

As you might know, the Powerball uses a double ball system to decide its odds. They use a 5/69 and 1/26 matrix for the white balls and the red balls respectively. By using this matrix they choose the winning numbers, which have the odds of 1 in 292,201,338. These odd are for each play that you make.

So the more plays you have the better the odds. Most people who participate buy more than one play when they are starting out. While the odds of winning the Jackpot seem almost impossible winning the other smaller prizes is still more achievable.

The odds of only winning a Powerball is 1 in 55.41 and the odds of winning a number and a powerball is 1 in 110.81. As you can see the odds differ greatly depending on the prize that you get. Therefore, its not all bad when you sign up for a lottery, as there are ways that you can improve your chances of winning the lottery. Later on we will also talk about the syndicates and how they can help improve your odds.


Similar to almost every other lottery, there are multiple types of prizes to win in a single draw. All of these prizes depend on the different numbers that your token matches with the winning number.

Minimum starting jackpot prize

The minimum starting jackpot prize starts at $20 million, and will increase with each time that someone does not win the jackpot by $10 million.

Different Prize Groups

There are different prize groups depending on the numbers that you match and the multiplier when drawing. These different prize groups include:

  1. No/one numbers + powerball = $4
  2. Two numbers + powerball / three numbers + no powerball = $7
  3. Three numbers + powerball / Four numbers + no powerball = $100
  4. Four numbers + powerball = $50,000
  5. Five numbers + no powerball = $1,000,000
  6. Five Numbers + powerball = jackpot

Prize Multipliers

The prize multipliers is another random element tht you can find in the lotto. When they are drawing the prize, they will also randomly select a multiplier that will multiply all of the prizes by that amount.

So if you win the third prize group we mentioned before, your prize money will multiply by that multiplier. The multiplier can range from 2x to 5x. Therefore, you initial prize money of $100 can go up to $500 with the 5x multiplier.

However the multiplier does not apply to group six and partially applies to group five. Winners of group five will receive $2 million regardless of the multiplier. So even if you are lucky enough to be part of a 5x draw and get five number but no powerball, you will receive $2 million. Nevertheless, this is the only exception to the rule.

If you are lucky you can also get the rare 10x multiplier that greatly increases your winnings by 10 times. However, this multiplier will work similarly to other multipliers and will only apply to categories one through 4. Category 5 will only get a 2x increase and category six will not get an increase at all.



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The odds for winning the jackpot are quite low, so if a person does not win the jackpot, the winnings roll over to the next draw. Each time that this happens, the jackpot winnings will increase. Other than the addition that comes each play, the jackpot will also increase by $10 million. It is very common for the Powerball Lotto to go on for many months before anyone is able to win.

The rollovers are very popular and are common among various other lotteries both inside and outside the United States.

What Happens When You Win a Prize at Lotteryheroes.Com

Lottery Heroes is your one stop shop for all your lottery related needs. You can invest in a wide range of lotteries through Lottery Hroes, including the US Powerball Lotto. Now you may be wondering what exactly happens when I win. Here is what happens when you win a lottery through lottery Heroes.


When you bet on any lottery through Lottery Heroes, we cross check your numbers with the official results as soon as they come out. Depending on what type of lottery you bet on as well as the different prize pools of that particular lottery, we will inform you if you happen to win anything. An amount less than €50,000 will directly go into your Lottery Heroes account. However, amounts more than that will take much longer to process.

Specifically, amounts over €50,000 will result in a verification period that will take a few weeks. After the verification is complete, experts will contact you about further steps that you should take. We should also mention that you will have to pay taxes on some winnings. The taxes you pay will depend on the lottery that you bet on.

Winning Prizes From Anywhere In the World

One of the best things that Lottery Heroes offers its users is the ability to participate in the lottery of their choice from anywhere in the world. Since you will be trading online, you can easily take part in the lottery of your choice anywhere in the world. Moreover, if you win, you can also easily withdraw your winnings from your Lottery Heroes account.

You can also participate in the US Powerball Lotto from abroad, and have just the same odds of winning as people participating from the US. Moreover, you can still apply to combos and syndicates even if you are not from the United States. You can still enjoy all of the fun of playing the lottery from different parts of the world.

How to Play

Playing your favorite lottery is very simple, as you can do it in a few steps. All you need to do to play is make your account, add some money to it, and chose your lottery. It is that simple to start playing online. You can use both Dollars and Euros when betting through Lottery Heroes. Finally, all of your winnings will go into your account if you win, allowing you to focus on playing.

So if you want to play the US Powerball Lotto, you can do so by going to their page. Next, select if you would like to play a single game or if you are looking to partner up with a syndicate. You get two lines right from the get go, and you can purchase even more with the click of a button. And if you want to choose your numbers, simply click the numbers on the line and they will become your numbers.

After choosing your lines and numbers, all you have to do is wait for the next Wednesday or Saturday to hear the results. Any amount that you win under €50,000 will directly go into your account. On the other hand, you will receive the rest of your winnings after a few weeks. It can take their team some time to process all of the details and verify the purchase.

Winning the US Powerball Lotto

Winning the US Powerball Lotto is a dream come true for most individuals, simply for the incredible opportunity that it offers them. However, winning the jackpot is no easy task, especially since the odds are so low. The odds of winning the jackpot prize is exactly 1 in 292,201,338. Now true, this seems like very low, and that’s because it is. Therefore, people that buy the lottery buy more than one token.

Moreover, while the odds for winning the jackpot is still low, you can still win an incredible amount with other prize groups. You can win up to $2 million or $250,000 as well through the US Powerball lotto.

Taking Up the Cash

In the United States, people who win the lottery will have to pay taxes on their winnings. The lottery officials will keep 24% of your winnings from the start. When they take their share, you will also have to pay a considerable amount when you will be filling your taxes.

Furthermore, you can also choose how you would like to take your cash when you win. You can take your cash in the form of an annuity over three decades, or cash out all of it at once. If you choose to cash it all out at once, lottery officials will shave off an extra amount from your winnings.

Jackpot Records for US Powerball Lotto

The US Powerball Lotto has a star studded record when it comes to their Jackpot history. Their highest jackpot of $1.5 billion came from three different winners. These winners each received a little over $500 million that they used to completely change their lives. Other winners include an individual who won $768 million in Wisconsin. Another notable winner of the Powerball was Mavis L. Wanczyk, who won over $758 million.

Payment through Annuity or Lump Sum


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Winners face a difficult decision when they finally win, taking their money through annuity or in lump sum. Annuity often provides monthly payments over three decades, but lump sum will give them their prize money instantly significantly reduced of its taxes.

All of the winners that we mentioned earlier decided for a lump sum payment. Mavis L. Wanczyk took home a lump sum payment of $450 million from her original $758.7 million. All the three winners of the $1.5 billion win chose a lump sum payment over annuity.

Almost every winner who was able to take home their prize money did so in lump sum, even if it meant giving up some of their cash. There are only a few cases of people taking home the annuity deal, as that simply does not sound as enticing.

The choice really is up to you, as you can either receive a large sumover a longer time or take a shorter sum instantly. The major reason why most people winners of the Powerball take lump sum is because the amount they are getting is quite substantial. Even though Mavis L. Wanczyk gave up close to $300 million when taking up the lump sum, she was still getting over $400 million instantly. If you happen to win it is best to weight your options and see what you would like to do.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning with Lottery Syndicates

One of the many ways that people are able to increase their chances of winning is by going into a lottery with a syndicate. But don’t worry, it is a lot less sinister than it sounds. A syndicate is essentially a team looking to participate as a collective in order to increase their chances of winning. The team collectively buys a larger play, which can increase their overall chances. It’s simple math really. And if they win the jackpot, all the money will go amongst the team members.

On, you can find syndicates for all of the lotteries out there, including the US Powerball Lotto. You can easily find a syndicate and joining one is just as easy as finding one.

When you join the syndicate, choose how many shares you are willing to buy. You will also have to choose if the shares you are contributing are a onetime offer or will you be with the syndicate for a long time. If you will be with the syndicate for a long time, you can apply for the subscription so you don’t miss your payments.

That is all you have to do to join a lottery syndicate, and is a great way to improve your chances at winning. Of course, you won’t win as much as you would alone, but you will certainly win more often than you could alone.

Benefits of Playing With a Syndicate

One of the most obvious benefit of playing with a syndicate is that your chances of winning increase significantly. More importantly, you are improving your odds of winning without substantially increasing your costs. The costs of getting multiple tickets, spreads across multiple people. Therefore, you can significantly increase your chances of winning at the fraction of the cost.

Another benefit of signing up with a syndicate is that you can leave all of the hard work to an online service. So you can essentially pay them and move on with your day, and receive a notification when they are about to draw.

Play Lottery Games Online From Anywhere

Lottery Heroes is a great place to play all of the different lottery games you want from your home. Lottery Heroes comes with a large selection of lottery games to choose from. From the classic games like roulette and black jack to more popular ones like the Home and away and the golden boot, there is a lot to choose.

These games all pay instantly when you start playing, allowing you to get the same feeling as a lottery. The only difference being that you don’t have to wait as long with these games as you otherwise would with the regular lottery.

Furthermore, you can choose between a wide selection of lotteries, all of which offer unique perks. You can choose other lotteries inside the United States and abroad, or you can move to lotto combos. These combos are essentially similar lotteries rolled into one.

You can buy a combo, and relax until the draw. Lottery combos can also be very fun, as you have multiple results to look forward to. And unlike Syndicates you do not have to share the money.

Have Fun and Good Luck

Playing the lottery is a great feeling, especially when the draw date comes closer. However, winning the lottery can feel unreal. And the Powerball has some of the biggest jackpots that you can find. So if you are looking to get in on the lottery, be sure to consider what we said earlier. Try joining a syndicate or try going for combos. But most importantly try having fun when you play, because it isn’t really worth it if you are not having fun.

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