Important Facts About La Primitiva Lottery

Important Facts About La Primitiva Lottery

Essential Facts About La Primitiva

In Spain, playing the lottery is a widespread pastime, alongside various other prize draws, which occur often. Some draws revolve around formal occasions, including the most mainstream of then all: El Gordo, which happens around Christmas.

Held by the Loteriasy Apuestas del Estado, El Gordo is the second oldest lottery in the world, dating back to Christmas of 1812. It has taken place every year since then, and even during the Spanish Civil War, people still had their chance to play and win the €4-million prize, known as El Gordo (the Fat One).

Basically, anybody can participate, and you don’t have to be a Spanish citizen to play.

Since there is a lottomania around that time of the year, buying tickets for the El Gordo is not an easy task. The lines outside the kiosks are long, and the ticketing system is very complicated. But, luckily for you, offers El Gordo tickets online, available for purchase with just one click of a button.

An estimated 98% of the Spanish population take part in this game! While there are various variations of the El Gordo, the most popular one is called La Primitiva, and the draws are held twice a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The rules are similar to other global traditional lottery games: you pick 6 out of 49 numbers, and the chance of winning a prize is yours. La Primitiva is the primary game for Spanish lottery syndicates and run-of-the-mill members. It is widely known as Spain’s National Lottery Game. Over 42 million euros in prizes are just waiting to be won on the Saturday and Thursday draws. It’s common knowledge that out of ten players can win one of the prizes. The National Lottery in Spain is somewhat of a tradition. The Spanish lottery is open for all and can be played by visiting the website.

After the draws, Spanish lotto results can be viewed on the website by entering your chosen numbers. So you can easily check whether you’re the lucky La Primitiva winner. A breakdown of winning numbers and past rewards is also accessible on the website.

Sapin is the most lotto-fever stricken country in all of Europe. You won’t find a single Spaniard who is oblivious to the game. That’s why many lottery games are taking place in Spain: El Gordo, La Primitiva, the Bonoloto (played multiple times each week), and many more. It is common to believe that you can’t live in Spain without taking part in the Spanish lottery!