Introduction of a Man Who Has Won a Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot More Than One Time

Introduction of a Man Who Has Won a Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot More Than One Time

In every middle-class and lower-class, there is one thing common that is survival through hard work. In every society, it is mainly the middle and the lower class people who are constantly working hard to keep food on their tables.

There comes a time in life when one gets tired of repeating the same routine over and over. This is when some people choose to try their luck and see if they can change their lifestyle. And what can be the best solution than the lottery when it comes to making big bucks while testing their luck.

There are currently numerous lotteries around the world that give away billions of dollars in prizes and jackpots to lottery players. There are millions of people who play lotteries every single day but only a handful of people actually win something.

It is said that a person has more chances of getting robbed three times in his lifetime than winning a lottery. However, there is one person in particular who has proven this thing wrong and taken the entire world by surprise.

James Bozeman is an American citizen who has set a record of winning a multi-million dollar prize not just once but twice. The first prize he won was back in 2019 when Bozeman bagged prize money of a whopping $10 million.

The same person has made it to the news again this year when he ended up winning prize money of $3 million. This time, the player bagged the prize money from the draw held on the 31st of August by the Florida lottery.

When interviewed, Bozeman told the interviewer that he buys all his lottery tickets from the same store. Since his last win, he had started selecting a different set of numbers to play with and try his luck.

The 67-year-old winner has opted to receive his prize money in thirty installments of $100k per month. Bozeman stated that he is hopeful that by that time, he will win himself third prize money that will bring him more millions.