Jackpot Money Climbs to $510 Million For Mega Millions While Powerball Rests At $490 Million

Jackpot Money Climbs to $510 Million For Mega Millions While Powerball Rests At $490 Million

Chances of anyone winning Mega Millions’ Jackpot are one out of hundreds of millions. It might look impossible but there are people who were lucky to have hit this jackpot.

For the past many days, the mega jackpot of Mega Millions had continued to remain unclaimed by anyone. Resultantly, the prize money continued to surge and as of today, it had exceeded US$ 510 Million. The next draw for Mega Millions is to be drawn tonight so ticket holders are advised to keep their tickets in hand and make sure their heart is in better shape.

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In the last draw, which took place on Tuesday, while no one scooped Mega Jackpot, there were some lucky winners who bagged a million dollars. The lucky winners who made millions in a day belonged to Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York.

Similarly, the other popular lottery game, Powerball jackpot too had seen an increase in its jackpot prize money. The Powerball jackpot had gone past US$ 490 million. Powerball’s last draw took place on Wednesday, but in this game as well no one was found who matched the drawn digits. Therefore, the prize money had increased from US$ 470 Million to US$ 490 Million.

While none could scoop any of the two huge prizes, the lotto had earned a record for itself. Since the launch of the lotto, this is the third time that Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot prizes have gone above US$400 Million simultaneously.

Friday and Saturday are the days on which the next draws of lotto would be taking place.

PowerBall is the top lotto being played by American citizens. The tickets of the lotto are sold simultaneously in 45 US States. Furthermore, the lotto was expanded to be played by citizens residing in the District of Columbia. Also included are the territories of Puerto Rico and Virgin Island of the US where the lotto is played.

Anyone from these areas can try his luck by entering into the draw after spending US$ 2 only.

The last winner of the Mega Millions jackpot was Adrian Tongson who won US$ 120 Million in the 15th September draw. Since Tongson’s winning, the jackpot prize money has been piling up.

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