Lucky Altona Woman Wins $852,000 Playing TattsLotto

Lucky Altona Woman Wins $852,000 Playing TattsLotto

The TattsLotto lottery is here to present the story of a Victorian who has won a huge fortune and has made close to a million dollars. The lottery officials are proud to bring the story of Altona Meadows who has won $852,000 in total playing the TattsLotto draw.

The TattsLotto game is one of the top additions of the lottery draw games added to its collection by The Lott. The Lott is the game widely adopted and played by the Australians and has given millions of Australians the opportunity to make millions.

The TattsLotto game is phenomenal and the best game ever launched by the Lott. Ever since TattsLotto was founded, it has provided several winning opportunities to the players. The game has made millionaires out of many Australians. Although it is not a million this time, it is still an amount to make many wishes and dreams come true.

This time, the Altona Meadows woman gets to receive the shock of a lifetime from the Lott officials. The Lott representatives were in shock when the lucky woman kept hanging upon them, as they called to inform her about the win.

The player did this several times before somehow, realizing that she was making a mistake. Therefore, she called herself and received the shocking news. The player was literally on the floor as she heard about the news.

The player stated that she felt the most amount of pressure over her entire body and then a complete relief after a few seconds.

The Lotts team has confirmed that the Altona Meadows woman had purchased a ticket that was for the May 29 draw. The TattsLotto game shined bright for her and she ended up winning the division one prize money from the game. Therefore, she ended up bagging $852,000 to her name and now the plans are coming to the winners.

The officials have revealed that for the particular May 29 draw, they have given away $5,964,000 just for the division one prizes. This means that there were a total of 7 players who won division one prize from the particular draw.

The Altona Meadows woman had reportedly purchased her lucky TattsLotto ticket from Central Lotto. The particular facility is located at Shop 14 Central Square Shopping Centre. The particular center is at 1 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows.

The player informed the officials that she was very excited about the win and could not make it to work on the day she made the call. She stated that it was an amazing and life-changing experience for her and she would never forget it.

The player stated that most of the money she has won would go towards her retirement. However, she is definitely going to get her hands on few trip tickets, a new truck, a small beach house, and parties with her friends.