Lucky Player from Kildare has won €250,000 From Online Lotto Plus 2

Lucky Player from Kildare has won €250,000 From Online Lotto Plus 2

The National Lottery is back with more than a couple of announcements regarding lucky players who won huge prizes. Although there are different prizes that will be mentioned in the announcement, yet the worth special mentioning is the Lotto Plus 2 Online win.

The National Lottery officials have revealed that there is one lucky player from Kildare who has ended up winning a €250,000 prize. The player had gone for the online Lotto Plus 2 game, which resulted in him winning prize money of €250,000.

The lottery operators have confirmed that the draw for the particular game was held on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. The player had purchased the lottery ticket online through on the very same day of the draw. While picking the ticket, the player went for the Quick Pick option, which let the computer randomly select the numbers on the player’s ticket.

As the result went into the player’s favor, he ended up winning the top prize of €250,000 and is now one of the luckiest lottery players in Kildare.

The National Lottery team has confirmed that it will be sending a notification to the winner’s National Lottery account. Plus, the operator will also be sending a separate email to the winner in order to notify them. The player is now being encouraged to turn up and claim their prize money from the National Lottery’s head office.

The numbers that were drawn from the 24th of February draw were 11, 04, 41, 40, 13, 15 and the bonus ball taken out was: 34.

Now that we are done with the top prize-winning announcement, now it is time for the other announcements.

Apart from the Lotto Plus 2’s top prize-winning ticket, there are two more players that will be sharing the huge prize money. The first player sharing the prize money is from Dublin while the other player is from Tipperary.

Both players playing the same Lotto game held on February 24, 2021, and won prize money of €152,666. However, as there are two players so the prize money will be split among the two and each player will be getting €76,333.

According to the lottery officials, the tickets belonging to both players match 5 lucky numbers out of the 6 and the bonus ball. Therefore, both the players are now expected to turn up and claim their prize money.

The officials have revealed that the player from Dublin had purchased his ticket from the Centra Shop at the Post Office. The Centra Shop is located at Neilstown Shopping Center (Dublin). While the player from Tipperary had purchased the ticket from SuperValu. The SuperValu store is located in Poppyfields Retail Park (Clonmel).