Lucky Player from the UK Wins £122 Million Playing Euromillions

Lucky Player from the UK Wins £122 Million Playing Euromillions

The Euromillions is here to make a huge announcement of a player from the UK who has won Euromillions’ jackpot prize. The Euromillions Lottery team has revealed that the player has won a £122 million jackpot prize. According to officials, the £122 million jackpot prize had been accumulating since the last nine consecutive draws.

However, no player had been able to claim the jackpot prize until it came all the way up to £122 million. Finally, the player from the UK ended up winning the prize and is now among the multi-millionaires who have been inducted into Euromillion’s millionaire list.

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On top of that, the player is also one of the luckiest in the entire world who has won a jackpot prize from the world’s third-largest lottery operator.

The officials have confirmed that the player winning the £122 million prize money had participated in the April 2, lottery draw for Mega Millions and managed to match all the numbers from his ticket.

The lottery team has confirmed that the Mega Millions lottery draw numbers drawn on April 2 were 47, 40, 34, 21, 4. Furthermore, the ticket had two Lucky Star numbers that were 5 and 2.

As the UK player matched all primary numbers as well as the lucky star numbers, he won the £122 million jackpot prize.

So far, the UK player is the only one who has turned up to claim the jackpot prize from the entire UK and Europe. The Euromillion game is widely played all over Europe as well as the United Kingdom.

The Euromillions of officials have revealed they are now undergoing the process of validating the winner. They will have to go through all the checks as well as inspecting the authenticity of the ticket before they go ahead with the next process.

The Euromillions team has confirmed that once they are done with the necessary checks, they will go ahead with arranging the prize money and hand it over to the rightful owner of the prize.

In addition to the above, once the validation process is complete, the winner will be allowed to go ahead and make a public announcement of their win. The officials have also clarified that it is completely up to the winner whether he would like to go ahead and reveal his identity or not.

The advisor to the senior winners at the National Lottery, Andy Carter has also talked about the latest winner. Firstly, Carter congratulated the winner of the £122 million prizes for the greatest achievement, praising the player’s efforts.

Secondly, he advised the player not to get carried away with his prize money and spend it wisely at the right places so he can enjoy it for the rest of his life.