Lucky Powerball Lottery Player Wins $1,000,000

Lucky Powerball Lottery Player Wins $1,000,000

The Powerball lottery is glad to announce the winning story of 59-year-old Stilianos Kyriakakis who is from Chicago. Stilianos Kyriakakis is among the luckiest lottery players that have won a whopping million dollars playing a lottery game.

The majority of the lottery players that have won even $100,000 have been heard saying that they were playing lottery games for several decades. Even after playing games for several decades, the maximum prize they were able to win is less than 10 times what Stilianos Kyriakakis has won.

There is even a higher number of people that have been playing lottery games for several decades but either they have won a few bucks or nothing at all.

However, Stilianos Kyriakakis will have a wonderful story to tell his grandkids as his kids accompanied him when he went to collect the prize money.

The United States has always claimed itself to be the land of opportunities and this time, the land has done justice to its claim. Stilianos Kyriakakis is originally from Crete but he moved to the United States in 1973.

After moving to the US, the two things he fell in love with were Chicago and the Chicago White Sox Baseball, Team. That is when he decided that he was never leaving Chicago permanently and built his house there.

This is where he got married and had this is the same place where his beloved daughter (Nikoletta) and son (Georgios) were born.

Stilianos Kyriakakis stated that he started playing the Powerball lottery when his daughter was born and plans to stay loyal to the game.

After playing the Powerball lottery for such a long time, the May 24 draw finally turned fortunate for him, as he ended up winning $1 million. The player visited Hoosier Lottery HQ located in IN State on May 24 and claimed the prize money.

While at the HQ, Stilianos Kyriakakis revealed that he had purchased his lucky ticket from Stateline Tobacco & Vape that is located in Hammond, Indiana.

The player informed the officials that he and his children on a roadside trip when they decided to make a stop for refueling. There, he purchased some snacks and other stuff for the road, and with the spare $20, he decided to purchase Powerball and Mega Millions of tickets.

He purchases several tickets from the amount and came back to his car. He told his children about the tickets and made a promise that if he won any prize from the tickets, he would split it into three equal amounts.

Luckily, he did end up winning a million dollars from the ticket and he has full intentions of fulfilling his promise to his children. Even his children were filled with joy and were very excited because they were soon going to see big bucks making into their accounts.