Mega Millions’ $370 Million Jackpot to Take Place on Friday

Mega Millions’ $370 Million Jackpot to Take Place on Friday

As always, Mega Millions continues to grow bigger and better for the entire lottery community. Mega Millions is the largest lottery game in the entire world as it offers huge prizes to the players. Ever since its launch, the Mega Millions has been making millionaires out of common people.

This time, the Mega Millions lottery game is encouraging more and more lottery players to participate in its latest jackpot draw. As usual, the upcoming Mega Millions jackpot draw is to take place on Friday, and the draw date is May 7.

The officials have revealed that the Mega Millions jackpot prize has been rolling over and getting bigger with every draw. It is because no one has been able to claim the jackpot prize of the Mega Millions lottery game for a while.

Even the last draw that took place on Tuesday, May 4, did not see any player matching all six numbers and the Mega Ball to win the jackpot. The draw numbers that a player had to match to win the jackpot prize were 63, 57, 32, 27, 04, and the Mega Ball number was 22.

Unfortunately, as no one was able to match the numbers, no one yielded as the jackpot prize winner. Therefore, the prize money has rolled over and now the jackpot prize money is a whopping $370 million figure.

A lucky player will be able to win $370 million if he ends up matching all numbers on the ticket. If a player wins this time, it would be the second time a huge jackpot prize money would be up for grabs for the lucky player.

According to the officials, as the jackpot prize money continues to grow, so is the number of prize-winning tickets. The data from the May 4 Mega Millions lottery draw shows that a total of 891,150 tickets ended up winning different ranged prizes.

There were five top prizes for million-dollar each that five lucky players won from the United States. The lucky players had match 5 lucky numbers from the ticket but were unable to match the “Golden Ball”.

One out of 5 lucky players winning the million-dollar prize had a 3X multiplier added so the player ended up winning $3,000,000 for matching five lucky numbers.

The ticket that won $3,000,000 from the Mega Millions draw was claimed from Washington. The rest of the three $1,000,000 prize-winning tickets for the Mega Millions draw were claimed from Pennsylvania, Missouri, and California.

There were 28 tickets from the May 4 Mega Millions draw that successfully won $10,000 each. Out of the 28 tickets, 4 tickets won $30,000 as they had added a 3X multiplier to the tickets.

Since the beginning of 2021, two jackpot prizes were given out back in January for $1.05 billion and the other one in February for $96 million.